IRS Removes the 6209/"ADP and IDRS" Manual from the FOIA Area of their Website

March 17,2003

The IRS 6209 Manual, also identified as the ADP and IDRS Manual, has been available on the IRS website at least since Nov. 2001, when we stood up this website.  This important manual is used by tax honesty advocates to request and decode the computer files that the IRS maintains on them in order to discover fraud and tampering by unscrupulous and dishonest agents.  Victoria Osborne, who testified at the Truth in Taxation Hearings on 27-28 Feb. 2002, has used this manual and others in order to uncover fraud by specific IRS agents.  We have also encouraged others to request their IMF files from the IRS and decode them in order to expose fraudulent assessments and liabilities introduced by dishonest agents at the IRS.  Since 9/11/01,  our Great IRS Hoax book has contained section 5.6.8 that pointed out that Employment Withholding under Subtitle C of the Internal Revenue Code taxes are classified as "gifts" and fall under Tax Class 5, as shown in Section 4 of the 6209 Manual.

This confluence of embarrassing information to the IRS has caused them to cover-up the truth by removing the incriminating evidence.  As of today, we noticed for the first time that the IRS has, within the last two weeks, removed this important manual from their website in order to make it more difficult for freedom fighters to interpret the contents of IMF files.  This is the third major concealment in less than a year.  

  1. First they removed the Internal Revenue Manual from their website search engine on 1/28/2002.  This made it extremely inconvenient to search the thousands of pages of IRM documentation in order for Americans to better understand the inner workings of the IRS 
  2. Then they removed section from their Internal Revenue Manual on 7/25/2002 in response to an article by Dan Meador on the Relation Back Doctrine posted on Dan Meador Research Distribution List.  This made it more difficult to prosecute IRS agents for wrongful collection actions in violation of 26 U.S.C. 7433.
  3. Now they have just removed the 6209 Manual in response to all the embarrassments caused by their fraudulent and criminal manipulation of the IRS' AIMS and IDRS system by their employees.

These tactics only serve to expose attempts to conceal wrongdoing and the truth by the IRS and make it more difficult for people to hold these CRIMINALS accountable or liable for their serious violations of law and Constitutional rights.

Don't worry.  We have already downloaded this important manual and you can obtain it by clicking here.

You can tell what the IRS fears by what they try to hide or obfuscate, including things they try to remove from their search engine and their website.  Obviously, they fear the 6209 Manual contents from getting into the hands of Americans and freedom fighters.  Consequently, the area of the IMF and decoding is the area that we will focus our attention on during the next few months because this is an area they view as a vulnerability.  We will turn the Armadillo upside down and expose his soft underbelly to the American public.  We have begun, in cooperation with other freedom fighters, the following:

  • Developing a FREE program to FULLY DECODE your Individual Master File (IMF).  The program uses the 6209 Manual extensively and is written in Microsoft Access and Visual BASIC.  It will be distributed free once complete and completion is expected within about a month.
  • Developing a discovery manual showing people how to request their IRS computer files and use the program to decode what they get in order to expose IRS wrongdoing.
  • Adding statutory triggers and logic to the program so that when time limits are exceeded, backdating of time-barred records becomes very apparent.

Since posting the original version of this article, the IRS has not only quit providing the 6209 Manual on their website, they are actively blocking attempts to obtain it through the Freedom of Information Act, citing as their reason the need for secrecy in response to terrorism.  This is a lame excuse to cover up their wrongdoing.  Click here for the IRS' response to a recent FOIA request for the 6209 Manual and see the tapdancing for yourself.

For more information on either requesting or decoding your IMF, refer to section 3.4.7 of our Tax Freedom Solutions Manual, Form #06.008 book and its subsections.  Click here for step 0.8 of the Sovereignty Forms and Instructions Online, where we will post the results of our IMF developments.

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