IRS Redesigns Website and Removes the Internal Revenue Manual from Their Website Search Engine and Removes Section 4.2 from the Manual
January 28, 2002

Apparently frustrated by this website, our book, and dedicated patriots everywhere who have been reading the law and the IRS publications to defend their legal and Constitutional rights to not pay direct taxes, the IRS today completed redesigning their website ( to remove key portions from their search engine, thereby making it more difficult for patriots to find help on important subjects and understand their responsibilities using the IRS website.

The most valuable portion of their website, the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), was moved from the Tax Professional's Corner area to the FOIA area of their website and conspicuously removed from their search engine.  The FOIA area of most government websites is reserved for things the government doesn't want to disclose to people but has to anyway under the Freedom of Information Act.  The IRM manual is several thousand pages long and removing it from the website search engine makes it extremely difficult and inconvenient for patriots and freedom advocates to locate relevant information and comply with the requirements of the tax law.  We would be willing to bet that their internal intranet accessible only to IRS employees has the document added to their search engine for more convenient use by its own employees.  We'd recommend doing an FOIA request to find this out to gather evidence to document this hypocritical scam.  Please send us a copy of your FOIA response from the IRS if you do so.

Also recall that our Great IRS Hoax book makes frequent references to Section 4.2 of the Internal Revenue Manual, which is entitled "Examination of Returns Handbook".  In particular, we refer frequently to section [4.2]  (05-14-1999) entitled "Importance of Court Decisions" to claim that decisions of courts lower than the Supreme Court are not binding on more than the one taxpayer involved in the issue.  Because we got a lot of mileage out of quoting this section, the IRS renumbered section 4.2 on their website and moved it to section 4.10.  IRS also renumbered the IRM section 7.8.2, Chapter 3, "Religious, Charitable, Educational, Etc. Organizations" to a new number 7.25.2 because we quoted in in chapter 6 of our book as a scandal.

The IRS also deleted the area below telling where to file FOIA requests, as though they no longer want any!:

IRS:  Is THIS what you call improving customer service and satisfaction and better meeting your your mission statement, which says:

"Provide America's taxpayers top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and by applying the tax law with integrity and fairness to all."

We'd say this strategic move conflicts with your mission statement and makes it more, not less difficult for people to understand and meet their legal responsibilities!  

Nice try, IRS, but we are ready for you!  Don't fret, patriots!  If you want an indexed, searchable version of the manual as of March 11, 2002, you can click here

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