IRS Web Scandal #2, July 26, 2002
For the past several months, tax researcher Dan Meador of the Law Research and Registry ( has been working with several other researchers on the subject if IRS administrative liens and levies.  He has been publishing his findings in an article entitled "Relation Back Doctrine Condemns Administrative Tax Liens and Levies" in the Dan Meador Research Distribution List Yahoo group.  Revision 3 of that article was published in April of 2002, and at that time, the Internal Revenue Manual section that the article referred to regarding the Relation Back Doctrine was on the IRS website.  The article mentioned an incriminating section of the Internal Revenue Manual, section [9.7] 14.7 entitled Asset Seizure and Forefeiture that talked in item #6 about how the IRS knew about this doctrine, which implied that the IRS were knowingly violating the law regarding levies and liens.

On March 11, 2002, we downloaded the entire IRS Internal Revenue Manual off their website.  Shortly after Revision 6 of the Dan Meador Article was published in July 2002, IRM section [9.7] Chap. 14 entitled was removed, which contained the section [9.7] 14.7 referenced in Dan's article. 

Don't fear guys, because we saved the evidence on our website at:,,i1=5&genericId=22326,00.html

even though it no longer appears on the IRS website.

Why is removal of IRM section [9.7] Chapt. 14 incriminating?  Because that section shows that the IRS know they can't lawfully lien or levy anything without a COURT ORDER, and they very seldom obtain such orders in STEALING your property.  Instead, they mail out Notice of Levy and Levy forms that have not been signed by a judge as the Constitution requires.  This makes them thieves and extortionists, and now they are hiding the evidence that proves that they know they are.  Scumbags.

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