The Federal Judge and Duties of the Citizen

Finally, here is a tool that you have been waiting for. This is a course of action that you KNEW MUST EXIST to help bring about justice in our legal system..... Make judges accountable for their misconduct!

Go directly to the step by step way to file the complaint against a rogue judge who thinks she can get away with it, click here.

How many times have you heard about known, crooked, judges either making some poor family man's life difficult with the stroke of their pen..... or in worse cases, completely ruining this poor guy's life in the same sickeningly effortless way? 

This same judge will then go out to his new $50,000 car and drive off to the golf course after ending this poor guys life without a second thought about the family he just devastated and the life he ended just a few minutes earlier.

If your letters to Congress don't work, and your cries for help don't work, and we can't get justice in the court system when we go there for recourse because of the above, then what works? How does that group called "We the People" make a difference?

You probably promised yourself that if you ever discovered a way to show this judge how angry you were without getting 'mowed down' yourself, you would do so in  a heart beat!  I think that you will agree that this method of revealing your displeasure with what is going on is appropriate. READ ON..... when you look at how this works, you will agree that this is the way to go...... and we are all going to have to get on the band wagon on this.


Your Tool in the US Code
The responsibilities of a federal judge in this nation is not an activity to be taken lightly. The business of your federal courts is to dispense justice in as fair and efficient a manner as possible. The federal judge himself should be above reproach in his education, character, and integrity.

Federal judges are appointed for life. In the language of the Constitution, they "hold their offices during good behavior"; that is, they serve as long as they desire to, and they can be removed from office against their will only through "impeachment for, or conviction of, treason, bribery, mental or physical disability, or other high crimes and misdemeanors."

Provisions are made to assure federal judges of independence from outside influence so that their decisions can be completely impartial and based only on the laws and facts of the cases.

When it comes to our attention as a Citizen that a federal judge cannot be trusted for whatever reason to render proper and appropriate decisions, it is within our power and it is our DUTY to act accordingly and discipline that judge and in some cases, end that judges career altogether..

Within the US Code are provisions for the Citizen to complain when we are witness to a judge who has engaged in conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts, or that such a judge or magistrate judge is unable to discharge all the duties of office by reason of mental or physical disability. That provision is Sec. 372.

When we get behind this effort as outlined in this web site, we will gain control again of the court system and we will have a court system of the PEOPLE and by the PEOPLE.

You can help us effectively CHECKMATE the corruption in our courts and learn a useful new-millennium legal survival skill at the same time.

How would this happen you ask? We are currently showing people how to discipline federal judges with 28 U.S.C. 372 (C)(1) ... Complaints For Judicial Misconduct.