Step 1

To begin your training, you will study how the provisions in Section 372 (c) of title 28 of the United States Code provides a way for any person to complain about a federal judge who the person believes “has engaged in conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts” or “is unable to discharge all the duties of office by reason of mental or physical disability.” It also permits the judicial councils of the circuits to adopt rules for the consideration of these complaints. These rules have been adopted under that authority.

Read the 372 (c) (1) complaint rules carefully, then re-read them to be certain that you are comfortable with them and they make sense to you.

Read the judges case(s) to find out whether the needed issues exist  to make use of US Code 372 (c) (1).

Preface to the Rules

Rules 1 and 2

You should be able to type on the form. Use the tab key and the space bar to move around in the form.

Step 2

We will LEARN BY DOING.  The perfect way to begin your training in disciplining judges is to begin by actually DISCIPLINE A JUDGE!

This case is the most important case that has come across our desks in many years. This case isn't only the most important.... it is vitally important!  And you will see why upon reading the story.

It is with this case that an important man will be saved and judges will learn to behave and listen. This is the case that you have been waiting, for and this is the opportunity that you have been waiting to become engaged in.

Click here to read this man's story.....

Click here to view each of the 41 pages individually of Congressman Traficant's indictment.  To download or view the .pdf version of the indictment in its entirety  click here or go to the URL below.

Click here to read what is wrong with the indictment against Jim Traficant,  (11 pages)

How is this Judge going to be Disciplined?

The United States Code permits any person (there is no standing requirement) to complain that a federal judge is unable to discharge all the duties of office by reason of mental or physical disability.

These complaints are recorded by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, an agency monitored by Congress.

When we make an example out of this judge in this fashion, we will be able to force other judges as corrupt and incompetent as this one to resign. If a judge doesn't resign, they may be looking at getting impeached... and losing any retirement benefits they may have accumulated.

You can imagine the effect hundreds of different complaints have on a federal judge’s career.

Above you see the 'PREFACE', 'RULES', 'FORMS', ETC. Read them and re-read them as many times as needed to digest them and get the gist of how this is done.

For the case of Congressman James Traficant, we have all of the forms and attachments you need to get this done.

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