Read the rules carefully

Preface to the Rules

Rules 1 and 2

One person should only file one complaint.  One person may be able to have four other friends or relatives file one complaint each too which is better than one complaint.  In other words five complaints from five people are superior to one complaint from one person.

Four copies in one envelope go to:
    Office of the Circuit Executive

     Attn: Complaint of Disability
     503 U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Building
     Cincinnati, OH 45202

You may send one copy sent to each of the cc: at the bottom lets Congress know what's going on and is not absolutely necessary but helps drive the problem home to the guys on Capital Hill.

Only one attachment should be filed with one complaint form.  Any more than that is unnecessary.  The number of people doing this is more important than the actual complaint.  (One mosquito is a nuisance.  A thousand will drive you crazy.)

Print and fill out the complaint form below (Type or Print Legibly)

Complaint Form Web Page to print out


Complaint Form in Adobe PDF to open with Adobe Acrobat Reader and print.