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Recommended Collections of
Jefferson's Writings

The following collections of the writings of Thomas Jefferson are recommended. Each contains an extensive listing of the various scholarly editions of Jefferson's writings that are available in printed form.

This 1600 page collection has the complete text of a wide assortment of Jefferson's letters and other writings. It is probably the most comprehensive selection available at a reasonable price. Selected by Merrill D. Peterson. Price: $35.00. ISBN 0-940450-16-X

Available in paperback for $14.95, this is the "story of Thomas Jefferson, told in his own words." Each chapter is prefaced by the editor's comments. It covers the many sides of his life and thought. The different format and the many excerpts not in the Library of America volume make this a nice complement to that work. 384 pages. ISBN 0-8139-0310-6

This 640 page collection of the complete correspondence of Jefferson and Adams covers both men's varied interests, from whale oil to political rights. The other collections contain most of their correspondence related to politics, but this is a book for anyone interested in the many sides of these two Founding Fathers. Available in a paperback edition for $19.95. ISBN 0-8078-4230-3

The above books can be purchased at discounts up to 30% from New World Books, 9735 River Road, P.O. Box 545, Marcy, NY 13403-0545. 1-800-710-9881. They can be ordered via email at with your Visa or Mastercard. Shipping & Handling is $4.95 for orders up to $30. (I get no compensation for this referral. I found them a good place to get almost any book in-print at a discount.)

Sources for the Quotations in This Collection

The quotations contained herein were taken from one of the following sources now in the public domain:

The following source was frequently used to locate appropriate quotations, which were later verified in other sources when possible:

As an ongoing project, references are gradually being added to the various quotations contained herein so that readers can find their location in the most authoritative source yet to appear for the writings of Thomas Jefferson. This source, cited below, is itself in progress. Citations to this source are in the form, "Papers, 1:423," indicating the volume and page number.

Since it will be many years before the above edition is completed, references to quotations will also be cited in the Memorial Edition and the Ford Edition (see above) until the corresponding volumes of the Papers are published. These citations will be in the form, "ME 12:345," of "FE 8:123" similarly indicating the volume and page number.

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