Favorite Jefferson Quotes

From the Writings of Thomas Jefferson

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every
form of tyranny over the mind of man." --Thomas Jefferson

These quotations from the writings of Thomas Jefferson were selected from the much larger collection located at Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government. They are the most popular of the quotations from Jefferson's writings, and are especially useful for writing and speaking. Each of the six files are in preformatted text, which means they can be easily copied with the "File: Save as..." command and the quotes themselves will be clean and not surrounded by gobbledygook (i.e., html codes). After downloading, click on "Back" to return to this page. You can view each file with an ASCII text editor. In Windows, the files should be saved in a .txt file. Large .txt files can easily be viewed in Write without conversion.

SUGGESTIONS: You might find it convenient to combine all six files into one large file on your hard drive. If you use the Windows operating system, you can put all six into one Write file. This makes it easy to research the collection of quotes. For example, you can use the "Find" function to locate quotes that contain a key word. Or you can type in the "=" sign in "Find" to move from one topic to another. (Each topic heading is preceded and followed by the equal sign.) Or you can type in "=Majority Rule=" to go directly to a specific topic. You can also use the "Repaginate" function in File to assign each page a page number and then make your own written index with page numbers in order to go immediately to a topic. Such a single file can also be transferred to your word processing program if that is where you will be using it most.


Favorite Jefferson Quotes

Part 1 - Foundations (23 Kbytes)

Part 2 - Republican Principles (16 Kbytes)

Part 3 - Republican Principles (cont'd) (20 Kbytes)

Part 4 - Republican Government (29 Kbytes)

Part 5 - Republican Policy (14 Kbytes)

Part 6 - Civil Rights & The Prospects for Democracy (21 Kbytes)

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