As Compiled from the Holy Scriptures (KJV)
By Warren and Joyce Fennell
(Far from perfect, but a good place to start)

Introduction By Curtis Claire Ewing

Those conversant with the theological climate in America are aware of the great renewal of interest in the study of Biblical Law. This interest is not only in the Law itself, but in its application to the solution of our national and international problems. Many Christian groups are beginning to teach the need for a return to Biblical Law. Evangelical Christians and Christian Legal Societies are adding their voice to the ever increasing demand to return to the administration of Divine Law for national righteousness.

Because of the renewed interest in this subject, I see the need of a Concordance on the subject to guide students in their studies. At first, I proposed to writ one myself. But the press of business made this difficult. So, I finally asked, then assigned the job to Joyce and Warren Fennell. They have done a splendid job far above my expectations. The work will certainly prove most timely and helpful to all research students.

However, it must be remembered this does not give the philosophical, rational, nor scientific reasons for the superiority of Divine Law over all other systems. This could be done, but this is a concordance, not a Commentary. Because of this you will not find any explanation of that part of the Ritual of the Law that was superseded by Christ at Calvary.

Since we are told in Scriptures that in the New Order, Divine Law will become the law of the land, we need a working acquaintance with the Commandments, Statutes and Judgments of the Lord. This work, representing many, many hours of labor will prove most helpful to the student in the study of this great subject. We commend it to all in their study of the Scriptures and ask God's special blessing on it as it is released to the public.


  1. Obligations and Responsibilities Toward God
  2. Obligations and Responsibilities Toward God -- Sabbath Laws
  3. Responsibilities Toward Man
  4. Responsibilities Toward Man-- Welfare Laws
  5. Responsibilities Toward Man-- Employer/Employee Relations
  6. Responsibilities Toward Animals
  7. Domestic Relations--Parent and Child
  8. Domestic Relations--Marriage and Divorce
  9. Domestic Relations--Crimes of Immorality
  10. Moral Issues
  11. Criminal Law
  12. Property Laws
  13. Personal Property
  14. Economic Laws
  15. Inheritance Laws
  16. Military Laws
  17. Health Laws
  18. Laws of Sanitation and Cleanliness
  19. Laws Governing Customs
  20. Temple Service
  21. Sacred Observances
  22. Sacrifice and Sacred Offerings
  23. Forms of Government
  24. Duties Toward Government
  25. Legal Procedure


The Christian is not Justified by keeping the Law, but by faith in Jesus Christ. See: This does not mean that we are permitted to willfully break God's law. We are commanded to keep His Law because we love Him! See: