May 23, 1997

Dear Researchers & Friends:

     Enclosed you  will find  a computer  disk and  two important
documents:  A cover letter from David K. Smith, the State-Federal
Coordinator for  the Oklahoma  Tax Commission  who works with the
Oklahoma District,  Internal Revenue  Service, and  a copy of the
Agreement on Coordination of Tax Administration.

     Following leads  from several  directions --  several people
concluded that  the Feds are operating under alleged state grants
of authority  -- I  concluded that  there had  to be  a  contract
between the  State and the Feds for the tax business.  Gail and I
went to  the Oklahoma  State Capitol early the morning of Friday,
May 16,  and before  9 a.m.,  had the  thing located.   We forced
surrender of it under the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act.
Each State  has an  administrative procedures act you can use the
same way.

     Before going  further, the  following is an index of what is
on the  disk with short explanations of each file.  The files are
in Word  for Windows  7,  the  newest  version  (IBM  format).  I
apologize for  not converting  to a  more accessible  format, but
time presses and the information must get out now!

     Also, we're  doing this  on our  own, and  our own is pretty
financially thin -- send help if you can!!!

     Additionally,  Tim   McCrory  of   Blackwell,  Oklahoma,  my
research partner,  is  posting  material  on  a  home  page  now:

     You    can     send    E-mail     to    Tim's     locations: or

     Published works  (hard copy)  will be available through Mail
Boxes Etc. here in Ponca City -- 405/762-6225;  FAX 405/762-1119.

     Disk Contents:

     1.   Amd. 372c Comp.

     This is the form I used to file judicial complaints with the
     Chief Executive  officer  at  the  Tenth  Circuit  Court  of
     Appeals.   Each Circuit has a form for complaints.  The form
     and instructions  may be secured from the circuit executive;
     the form  itself is  probably  located  in  the  "State  and
     Federal"  code   of  procedure  for  your  state.    It's  a
     reasonably simple  3-page form,  the supplemental  complaint
     usually needs to be under 5 pages.

     2.   Atty.Gen.5.19

     A preliminary  complaint to  the Oklahoma  Attorney General.
     We're proceeding under the Oklahoma Corrupt Organization Act
     against IRS & United States District Courts.

     3.   Cir.Exec.5.19

     Supplemental complaint  filed with  10th Cir. Executive once
     we found  the  O.T.C.-C.I.R.  agreement  accommodating  IRS.
     Integrate this with original complaints.

     4.   Civ.Brief

     This is  the suit  filed in State district court against the
     Oklahoma Tax  Commission to  overturn the  agreement between
     the Oklahoma Tax Commission and the Commissioner of Internal

     5.   Complaint Affidavit

     This is  my personal affidavit of complaint.  It can be used
     as a model.

     6.   D.A. Complaint

     Criminal  complaint   cover  letter  sent  to  Tulsa  County
     district attorney.

     7.   H.C.Supplement

     The supplement  to the  original  Application  for  Writ  of
     Habeas Corpus sent to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

     8.   Index of Auth.

     This is  a usable  model for  pleading, was used in the 10th
     Cir. Application for Habeas Corpus.

     9.   Mod. S.D.Tec.5.20

     The model  Application  for  Subpoena  Duces  Tecum.    This
     instrument goes  for all  the necessary,  but for  the  most
     part,  missing  documentation  which  would  establish  U.S.
     jurisdiction, basis  of authority,  etc.   We're using it in
     all forums,  with criminal  complaints, judicial complaints,
     with both offensive and defensive pleadings.

     10.  Mod.Tx.Com.

     A model  freedom of  information request  from the State tax

     11.  MODEL.FOIA

     A model Freedom of Information Act Request for IRS.

     12.  Okla. Leg. 5.19

     Cover letter  to Oklahoma  Legislature going  with a copy of
     suit against the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

     13.  S.C.H.C.

     Application for  Habeas Corpus to the Tenth Circuit Court of

     14.  Stats.Regs.

     Compiled statutes  & regulations  pertaining  to  "qualified
     state tax".

     To begin,  you are  welcome to  share the  disk information,
copies of  the OTC-C.I.R.  agreement, this  letter, et  al., with
whomever you  please --  spread the  information as  far  and  as
rapidly as  you can.   We  now have  the "weapons"  to engage the
struggle to restore constitutional rule at a whole new level, but
those who  answer the call should know what they're doing.  There
must be  a concerted  push  through  each  state  government  and
simultaneously through Congress.

     I'm going  to start  with something  of an  outline of  what
we're dealing  with:   The macabre  scheme that  has  centralized
power is called Cooperative Federalism.  It springs from the same
root  as   Communism  and   European  Socialism.     One  of  the
contributing schools  of thought  was called  "Fabian Communism".
"Isms" aside,  it boils down to tyranny -- it's simply a tool for
global  conquest   by  an  entrenched  wealth-political  noblesse

     However,  the  scheme  is  a  house  of  cards --  when  you
understand implications,  the enclosed "Agreement on Coordination
of Tax  Administration" will  bring the house down as it defaults
both State  and Federal  tax systems,  and the ability to enforce
them, simultaneously.

     The Internal  Revenue Service is an agency of the Department
of the  Treasury, Puerto  Rico.   I won't go into details here as
the information  has been  well enough  published, and is covered
sufficiently in  disk files, that I don't need to go over the tax
history or  origins of  IRS.  The memorandum I completed last May
has now  published in  legal newspapers  in about  8  states,  in
Veritas  Magazine,   Media  Bypass,   &  Anti-Shyster.    In  the
continental  United  States,  the  Internal  Revenue  Code  vests
authority in  the Treasury  Department,  not  the  United  States
Department of  the Treasury,  the  Department  of  the  Treasury,
Puerto Rico,  IRS, BATF,  or any  other agency.   IRS  and  other
"components"  of   the  "Department   of  the  Treasury"  operate
exclusively under Executive Order #10289 & T.D.O. #150-42 (1956),
as amended  by T.D.O.  #150-01 (1986),  with application  only in
United States off-shore territorial and maritime jurisdiction.

     "Treasury Department"  (Secretary of the Treasury) authority
for execution of agreements for collection of state qualified tax
(5 U.S.C.   5517)  is under  E.O. # 11833, published following 5
U.S.C.  5520.  Refer to 5 U.S.C.  5512 to find that the General
Accounting Office  now has  responsibility for "collecting" these
taxes when  they are  delinquent -- see historical  notes to find
that the  authority was  formerly  vested  in  "officers  of  the
Treasury", and  the "Attorney  General" must prosecute, formerly,
"Solicitor of  the Treasury."  The Office of Personnel Management
is also vested with administrative authority by statute.

     Contracts for cooperative administration of "state qualified
tax" apply only on the Federal side -- agreements executed by the
Secretary of  the Treasury  enable the various Federal Government
agencies to collect tax from officers and employees of the United
States, and  collect other  qualified state, county and municipal
tax within  what would  otherwise be Federal jurisdiction.  There
is no  authority for  a cross-over.   Which  is to say, if anyone
other than  a Federal  employee or  someone with  business  on  a
military installation  or in  a national  park, forest, etc., was
subject to  "state qualified  tax", Federal  authority would  not
apply --  the Feds  are limited to United States jurisdiction, as
defined at 18 U.S.C.  7(3).

     The whole business comes from the Buck Act (4 U.S.C.  105-
110). Authority at 5 U.S.C.  5512, 5516, 5517, 5520 and related
statutes merely  implement the  Buck Act  grant of  authority for
"States" to  tax Federal  officers  and  agents,  impose  various
excise taxes, etc., in United States jurisdiction.

     As you  read files  on the  disk, you will find the infinite
number  of   flaws  and  condemnations  of  exercise  of  Federal
authority in  the Union  of several States.  The Tenth Amendment,
known as  the Separation  of Powers  Doctrine, provides  the  key
blockage:   The United  States cannot  exercise power which isn't
specifically delegated  by the Constitution, and if you will read
New York  v. United  States, et  al. (1992),  you will  find that
State officials  cannot accommodate  exercise of  a Federal power
not delegated  by  the  Constitution  without  first  securing  a
constitutional amendment.

     The Cooperative  Federalism "house of cards" puts both State
and Federal  tax systems  in jeopardy  because  the  Federal  tax
system simply  does not apply to the Union of several States, and
State tax  systems are  premised on the Buck Act grant of Federal
taxing authority.   Legislatures  of the  several States long ago
abandoned independent  State taxing  authority.  Read Section 3.1
of the  enclosed Agreement  between the  OTC &  C.I.R. to see the
list of  State taxes  at risk in Oklahoma.  As we move into court
to default  the OTC-C.I.R.  Agreement,  we  will  cut  the  State
jugular --  State government  becomes a financial cripple as soon
as the  Agreement is  overturned.   And in order to put the State
back on  its feet,  the State  Legislature will be forced to kick
the Feds out!

     I filed  the action to over-turn the OTC-C.I.R. Agreement in
the Oklahoma County district court on Wednesday, May 21, Case No.
#CJ-97-3501-63.   In other  words, the process has begun.  In the
meantime, people  in Oklahoma  City are reproducing the complaint
and a  six-page cover letter to the Oklahoma Legislature and will
distribute copies to the entire legislature.

     Most everyone  knows that  I was  charged for, and convicted
of, "communicating  with a grand jury in writing" (I attempted to
file criminal complaints against the judge who presided at my so-
called trial, the assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted, the IRS
inspector, etc.,  who testified), and "obstruction of justice" (I
helped Kenney  & Colleen  Moore construct  a "refusal  for fraud"

     Given my  docile disposition ... we sued the whole batch out
of the  district court  in Tulsa  County prior to going to trial,
and since,  aside from  motions filed into the criminal case, (1)
filed an  application for  writ of  habeas corpus  with the Tenth
Circuit, (2)  filed judicial  complaints under 28 U.S.C.  372(c)
with  the   10th  Circuit  administrator,  (3)  filed  individual
criminal complaints with the D.A. for Tulsa County, and (4) filed
a complaint  with the  Oklahoma attorney  general against IRS and
the folks  involved with  my  case  under  the  Oklahoma  Corrupt
Organization Act.   Before  the weekend  is over,  we  will  file
complaints through  Janet Reno,  U.S. Attorney General, under the
U.S.  Anti-Terrorist  Act,  demanding  a  special  prosecutor  --
several people  in the  Department of  Justice will ultimately be

     The "Stats.Regs."  file on  the disk accounts for nearly all
statutes and  regulations pertaining to state qualified tax, plus
a few  more items  thrown in  for good  measure -- it's about 104
printed pages  in length.   With  the outline  above, they should
make sense.   The  material is  downloaded from  current West Law
USCA &  CFR so  it can't  be sold -- circulate it gratis and give
appropriate credit.

     The Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus & the Supplemental
H.C. pleading  combined will  probably give  as good  a  view  of
"Cooperative Federalism"  as has  been  compiled  in  one  place.
Again, I don't take credit for all the research.  As was the case
with the  public notice memorandum on IRS & proper application of
I.R.C. taxing  authority, numerous  people  have  contributed  to
research, I  simply have  a gift  for stealing  from everybody to
make the  car run.  It's a "Short Brush Country" survival tactic.
As a  friend says, all he had growing up was a Pet Milk can and a
tumble-weed so he learned to improvise.  Out where I spent a good
deal of  my childhood,  from  the  back  door,  the  "sand  pile"
stretched about  40 miles  north and 100 west.  If you like sage,
blackjack and  rattlesnakes,  it  was  home,  and  if  you  found
something laying around, someone either lost it or threw it away.

     Paul Mitchell,  Tim Richardson, Dave Fuller, Pete Stern, and
Tim McCrory  have made  significant recent  contributions.   Geri
McClain of Las Vegas, Nevada, a Pete Stern (North Carolina) link,
has probably  developed the  most research on qualified state tax
(702/648-7825) --  she hit  the hot  button that  sent me  on the
search for the Agreement contained with this letter.

     As you secure documentation, we would like to have copies to
compile for  use in national forum.  There needs to be at least a
second location, too.

     Some time  ago, I  proposed a "national research conference"
suggesting Wichita  as the  location, then  Barry Briner  of  St.
Louis came  back with  an offer  to host.   As  I've visited with
others, there  seems to  be strong preference for St. Louis as it
is more accessible from the West Coast and Mountain States by air
and more  accessible from the Midwest, East and South by car.  At
any rate,  watch Internet  locations for  announcements -- recent
finds might necessitate broadening the scope.

     Possibly  I   should  conclude   by  discussing  motive  and
strategy:   When we  first  secured  a  copy  of  the  OTC-C.I.R.
Agreement, I  considered attempting  to do  something through the
Oklahoma Legislature  in a  reasonable fashion  that would  avoid
"sudden" shock  to the  system.   A nice administrative letter to
OTC, a  cover letter to the Legislature ... let them work through
the problem without panic.

     However, the  Criminal Element  of Government,  as Dr. Scott
calls them,  is in  the midst  of an  all-out  attack  on  people
devoted to  restoring constitutional  government --  they had  to
"manufacture" crimes to charge me with, and they're manufacturing
crimes to  charge people  all over  the country  with.   But  the
broader problem  is this:  Cooperative Federalism, like Communism
and European  Socialism, is  a mathematically  impossible scheme.
We have  the appearance  of steaming ahead today, -- rest assured
that rural  poverty and  the urban  ghetto growing like cancer in
every metropolitan  center say  otherwise --  but we're on course
for an  epochal economic  crash that  will make the Crash of 1929
seem as comparative small potatoes.  Consider that the nation was
35% rural in 1929, with millions of independently owned farms and
food  support  systems  surrounding  every  metropolitan  center.
Today the  nation is  about 90% urban, with more than that living
within the  40-mile commuter  range of  metropolitan centers, and
the food  production system  has been  specialized into  regional
rather than  local systems.   Probably  no more  than 20%  of the
population could feed themselves if given a year's written notice
-- we're in deep, deep trouble, standing at the brink of food and
financial bankruptcy.

     On March  9, 1933,  Congress sold  us out  -- the good folks
took the  monetary system  off the  gold standard, based both the
FRN & private credit on obligations of the United States, and put
us in  a situation where the banks could steal from one end while
government, in  order to  grow, keep  pace and create dependence,
had to  steal increasing  amounts from  the other  end by  way of
brutal taxation  or forced  inflation.   The latter  devalues all
existing wealth  other  than  that  which  generates  compounding
interest, or  if you  to be  "licensed" to manufacture money with
ledger-entry credit,  you can  steal from  America's working  and
entrepreneurial classes.

     In Oklahoma,  government has been the only consistent growth
industry since  1982, which is a malady for many interior natural
resource states.   And  as Byran Dale appropriately points out, a
government employee  has precisely  the same  economic value as a
welfare recipient  -- both are net negatives.  Government creates
nothing --  every cent  government spends  must be taken from the
nation's producers.

     It doesn't  make any  difference which political party is in
power --  Supply-Side Economic Theory, a/k/a Trickle-Down Theory,
is  as   much  hogwash   as  Keynesian   Socialism.     The  1933
Congressional sellout  came on  the heels  of four  years of hard
depression, which  cost 40%  of the  nation's industrial jobs and
gutted rural  natural resource  production, and in the midst of a
fabricated bank  run that was causing panic.  In other words, the
"other side"  set the deal up.  If you will read the House record
for March  9, 1933,  you will  hear Rep. McFadden speaking to the
matter,  and   read  Hoover   presidential  papers   written   in
retrospect, and  you know he knew ... the "New Deal" crowd staged
the bank  collapse, coordinated  through  New  York  and  Chicago
Federal Reserve Banks.  Hoover acknowledged that the New York Fed
gave him  the emergency  proclamations Roosevelt  signed the last
night he  was president,  but he  refused to  declare a  national
emergency premised on economic causes -- the Constitution doesn't
authorize such  a thing.  In Roosevelt papers, he admits to being
mystified about  how to  get a  currency in place so he evidently
didn't see  H.R. 1491  prior to  it being introduced to the House
and Senate.   It  isn't hard to guess who came up with the notion
of substituting  Federal Reserve  bank  Notes  backed  by  "paper
promises" for  the predecessor Federal Reserve Note backed by 40%
gold, and  designated who  would serve  as fiscal  agent for  the
United States.

     In short,  there's no escape.  The mathematically impossible
scheme, which  has caused  both public  and private  debt to soar
since about  1982 (national  debt  skyrocket  duplicated  natural
resource debt  soaring 1975-82,  which is  precisely the sequence
during the  two decades  prior to the 1929 collapse), is destined
for meltdown.  The question isn't if, but when.  My contention is
that it is better to move ahead with correcting fraud perpetrated
through the  taxing system,  which might  cause  something  of  a
glitch, and  force state  governments to  kick the Feds out -- to
restore the  balance of  power American  founders built  into our
system of constitutional government.

     In other  words, if  we're faced  with an inevitable crisis,
it's easier to effect damage control before rather than after the

     In Oklahoma,  the state  legislature met  in special session
from May  into July  1933 in order to reorganize state government
to  accommodate   New  Deal   initiatives.     Most  other  state
legislatures met  in special session, or as was the case in North
Dakota, operated under gubernatorial edict until the next regular

     One of  the more  amusing requests  for legislation  was for
there to  be a  ban against  creditors foreclosing  and otherwise
disturbing state  legislators  during  the  summer  1933  special
session.   Oklahoma was  in desperate  shape, and  members of the
state legislature  were obviously  ready to do, or sell, anything
to escape personal disaster.  I was amused with Paul Beck when we
were going  through special  session legislation  --  there  were
certain "insiders"  in most  state legislatures  responsible  for
accommodating legislation.  Paul saw the same guy's name over and
over as a bill sponsor, which led to the comment, "We need to dig
this guy up so we can hang him!"

     One of  the things I suggested in the letter to the Oklahoma
Legislature is  that they establish a Committee of Correspondence
on the  order of  what Thomas Jefferson suggested in the Kentucky
Resolutions, and  to do  it separate  from units sponsored by The
Counsel of  State Governments.   As  a "bonus," I'm including the
list of  "Official Names  of States  and Jurisdictions, Capitals,
Zip Codes  and Central  Switchboards" from the 1990-91 edition of
The Book  of the  States.   You will notice that the last nine on
the list  aren't Union  states, they're Federal states subject to
Congress' Article  IV   3.2 legislative jurisdiction.  The Union
states, and  the sovereign  American people,  are subject only to
Congress' constitutionally delegated authority;  in United States
territories and  insular possessions, Congress has plenary power,
operating in  the capacity of state and national government.  Via
The Counsel of State Governments, with headquarters in Lexington,
Kentucky, government officials of the Union states operate on the
presumption that the several States, as the District of Columbia,
American Samoa,  etc., are  subject to  United  States  municipal
authority -- unrestricted legislative and police powers.

     This de  facto arrangement  was formalized in 1935 in Denver
when representatives of the Federal government and various state,
county  and   city  governments,  signed  an  "intergovernmental"
agreement.   The Book  of the  States has  been  published  every
second year  since, and  the "Cooperative  Federalism" scheme  is
coordinated  through   The  Council   of  State  Governments  and
corresponding  counsels,   associations,  etc.,   for  governors,
legislators, attorneys  general,  city  and  county  governments,
school boards, et al.

     As you  read the  various files  on the  computer disk,  you
should get  a feel for how the de facto operation works.  Federal
statutes and  regulations comply  with constitutional limitations
--  they're   written  exclusively   for   application   in   the
"geographical United  States" under  Congress' Article  IV   3.2
legislative jurisdiction.   But  it's like  fishing.    The  Feds
dangle bait,  the fish  bites --  when officers  of the  state, a
county, or  a city  sign on,  they are treated as though they are
instrumentalities of  the United  States whether they are or not.
The bait  is money.   More precisely, "public money", premised on
"obligations of  the United  States." Obligations  of the  United
States are  predicated on  the nation's private as well as public

     Ralph Winterrowd of Anchorage has done considerable research
on this,  as have  others --  Pete Stern,  people in Kansas, etc.
Your body, if not your soul, is literally traded as collateral --
the "birth  certificate" is  converted to a commercial instrument
stored at the Dept. of Commerce in the state where you were born.
Banks retain  an interest  in whatever automobile you purchase on
credit by  retaining original  factory papers  --  the  financial
institution keeps  a  retained  interest  in  real  property  you
mortgage.  It's the grandest system of frauds imaginable.

     If  you   research  state  session  laws  for  1933  special
sessions, you  will probably find a short bill in which the state
legislature  proclaimed   that  virtually   all   enterprise   is
commercial in  nature.  And due to then-new technology, including
transportation,  communications,   etc.,  virtually   all   human
enterprise, down  to and  including having  and raising children,
has implications for "interstate commerce".

     The Social  Welfare System, or more appropriately, Socialism
Welfare System, is premised on commerce!

     Now this will make sense:  The Director of Transportation is
leading authority  over all Federal grant-making.  If he, or she,
determines a  state, county, or city isn't complying with Federal
regulations, he  has authority  to  cut  off  grant  money,  thus
undermining services of whatever nature.

     By consulting  the Parallel  Table of Authorities and Rules,
beginning on  page 721 of the current Index volume to the Code of
Federal Regulations, you can figure out what in the United States
Code does  or doesn't  apply to the Union of several States.  The
long and short of it -- damned little Federal legislation applies
to the  several States.   Congress  has moved  almost exclusively
under Article  IV   3.2 authority,  and relies  on  officers  of
States, counties,  cities, school  districts, even  churches,  to
"voluntarily" cross the line.

     "It isn't involuntary servitude, you volunteered!  Now do as
you're told and shut up or we'll cut the credit off!"

     Consult 31  CFR, Parts  202-215 to see the role of federally
chartered  financial   institutions  as  "Federal  Tax  and  Loan
Depositaries" --  this is the arms-length "fiduciary" role of the
Federal Reserve  carried  out  via  the  fraudulent  arrangement.
Federally chartered  financial institutions act somewhat like the
exchange membrane through which a pregnant woman feeds the unborn
baby in her womb -- although food and oxygen are delivered to the
baby, and waste disposed of, by way of the two blood systems, the
blood of  mother  and  baby  actually  never  mix.    Cooperative
Federalism  works   something  on   that  order,  with  federally
chartered  financial   institutions,  and  the  Federal  Reserve,
postured to profit from both ends.  The scheme is set up so banks
have to  be equipped with at least three arms to keep up with the

     I've constructed  a "freedom of information" request for the
state tax  commission.   You'll have  to look  up your  own state
administrative procedures  act for  authority -- ours is in Title
78 of the Oklahoma Statutes.  All states have one.

     Additionally, I've  put a  freedom of information request in
to  the   Oklahoma   Attorney   General   for   copies   of   all
administratively    executed     intergovernmental    enforcement
agreements, too.  Follow the tax commission model to duplicate an
A.G. request.

     Read II  Timothy 3:   8  & 9:   "Now  as Jannes  and Jambres
withstood Moses,  so do  these also  resist the  truth:   men  of
corrupt minds,  reprobate concerning  the faith.   But they shall
proceed no  further:   for their folly shall be manifest unto all
men, as theirs also was."

     God gave  me this vision about two years ago.  I had no idea
how it would come to pass.

     In conclusion,  I can  say nothing more, or less, than God's
speed.  If God is in it, we cannot fail.  America will once again
be blessed.  We will generate new wealth through natural resource
industries and  home-based manufacturing  ... we  will  have  the
opportunity to recover American solvency and sovereignty.

God bless,

/s/ Dan Meador

Dan Meador

                             #  #  #

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