May 19, 1997

W.A. Drew Edmondson, Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
Oklahoma State Capitol
Oklahoma City 73105/tdc

Re:          Complaint under Oklahoma
             Corrupt Organization Law

             my cover letter to Commissioner Anderson

Dear Attorney General Edmondson:

     This letter  is to  convey a  complaint against the Internal
Revenue  Service   and  various   people  supportive  of  Service
initiatives under the Oklahoma Corrupt Organization Act.

     The complaint  immediately issues against the following:  H.
Dale Cook,  Frank McCarthy,  and Sam Joyner, all of whom serve as
judicial officers  for the  Article  IV  United  States  District
Court, Northern  District of  Oklahoma;   Stephen  Lewis,  United
States Attorney  for the  Northern District  of Oklahoma;    Neal
Kirkpatrick, Assistant United States Attorney;  and Tracy Foster,
an inspector with the Internal Revenue Service, Arkansas-Oklahoma
District.   In is not necessary to immediately name John and Jane
Doe defendants.

     You may notify those complaints initially issued against and
K.  J.   Sawyer,  District  Director  for  the  Arkansas-Oklahoma
District of Internal Revenue Service.

     You are aware that the Internal Revenue Service is an agency
of the  Department of  the Treasury, Puerto Rico, a foreign-based
entity which  has no  authority in the continental United States.
Public notice  to that effect published as a legal publication in
The Journal  Record the last two weeks of June and the first week
of July, 1996.  Internal Revenue Service principals did not rebut
or correct any element of the public notice so the notice must be
presumed  correct  unless  or  until  evidence  to  the  contrary
establishes that the Internal Revenue Service is an agency of the
United  States   Treasury  Department,   or  the   United  States
Department of  the Treasury -- you will find at 31 U.S.C.  301-
310 that  IRS is  not listed  as a  department or  agency in  the
United States Department of the Treasury.

     Additional complaints  will be  filed by  other parties with
respect to  what appears  to be  opening as  a  rather  expansive
conspiracy  involving  UNITED STATES  OF  AMERICA  v.  KENNEY  F.
MOORE, et  al. (#96-CR-082-C),   UNITED STATES  OF AMERICA v. DAN
LESLIE MEADOR  (#96-CR-113-C), both  in  the  Article  IV  United
States District  Court for  the Northern  District  of  Oklahoma,
in the  Article IV  United States  District Court for the Western
District of Oklahoma, and possibly other cases.

               Dan Meador Affidavit of Complaint:
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     Article IV  United States  District Courts  located  in  the
Union of  several States party to the Constitution have authority
only to  prosecute misdemeanor  offenses committed  within United
States jurisdiction  under authority  of 18  U.S.C.    3401  and
attending Department  of Defense  and Bureau  of Land  Management
regulations.   They do not have general jurisdiction in the Union
states.  Further, as they accommodate IRS-initiated suits, all of
which are  under color of law (Subtitle F of the Internal Revenue
Code does  not become  effective as  law until  Title 26  of  the
United States  Code is enacted as positive law), they function on
behalf of  the "United States of America", an undisclosed foreign
principal (you  will find  that Titles  18, 26 & 28 authorize the
"United States" as plaintiff or defendant, not the "United States
of America", and that the Constitution of the United States vests
authority in  a governmental  entity identified  as  the  "United
States"),  the   foreign  principals   being  generally  but  not
particularly identified at 28 CFR, Parts 0.49 & 0.64-1.

     The  OTC-IRS  agreement,  with  my  letter  to  Commissioner
Anderson, demonstrates  that IRS  and Article  IV  United  States
District Courts  are operating  on  a  presumed  State  grant  of
authority to  exceed United  States jurisdiction  in the Union of
several States  party to  the Constitution  of the United States.
This is  contrary to  the Separation  of Powers  Doctrine  (Tenth
Amendment), and  contrary to  the  Oklahoma  prohibition  against
Federal officials serving as State officials (Art. II  12, Okla.
Constitution).   The OTC-IRS  agreement, made  with no  statutory
authority from the Oklahoma Legislature or Congress (the Treasury
Department is  vested with  responsibility for  administering the
Internal Revenue Code in the continental United States, I.R.C. 
7701(a)(12)(a) & 7805(a)), implements administrative law which is
of no  effect in  the geographical  United States or the Union of
several States.   Further,  the Article IV United States District
Courts operate under Admiralty-Civil Law rules, which is contrary
to intent  of the  "arising under" clause at Article III  2.1 of
the Constitution  of the  United States, and Article VII  4 & 7
of the  Constitution of  the State  of Oklahoma.   As legislative
courts,  they  impose  bills  of  attainder,  prohibited  by  the
Constitution of the United States at Article I  9.3 & 10.1, and
the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma at Article II  15.

     Please be  advised that  I  am  filing  particular  criminal
complaints against  the above-named  parties  with  the  district
attorney for  Tulsa County, and because there are Federal as well
as State offenses involved, will file complaints under the United
States anti-terrorism  act with  Janet Reno,  Attorney General of
the United States.

     At this  juncture,  I  am  electing  not  to  include  State
officers at  the Oklahoma Tax Commission in complaints as I don't
believe most  are cognizant  of the  extent of  fraud and tyranny
accommodated by  the OTC-IRS  agreement even  though David Smith,
the OTC State-Federal coordinator, was aware of the public notice
and other  initiatives involving  the Internal  Revenue  Service.
Commissioner Anderson  and others  are at  least deserving of due
diligence notice  and the  opportunity to  terminate the unlawful

               Dan Meador Affidavit of Complaint:
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     You first received complaints pertaining to illegal Internal
Revenue Service initiatives in October or November 1995.  You and
Mr. Richard  Wintory, your  first assistant,  have been  provided
with a considerable amount of research pertaining to the Internal
Revenue Service,  the character  and limited  authority of  other
Federal enforcement agencies (FBI in particular), jurisdiction of
the Federal  Law  Enforcement  Community,  and  jurisdiction  and
operation of  Article IV  courts of  the United  States.  Yet you
have elected  to do  nothing, and have for all practical purposes
accommodated treason against people you pledged by oath to serve.
In other  words,  by  your  actions,  you  appear  mired  in  and
committed  to   the  Cooperative  Federalism  scheme,  which  was
designed to  over-throw sovereignty of the several States and the
Constitution of the United States.

     We have  arrived at  the time to fish or cut bait.  The OTC-
IRS  administrative   agreement  put  the  last  piece  in  place
necessary to  expose one  of  the  more  diabolical  elements  of
Cooperative Federalism  -  an  element  that  has  destroyed  and
otherwise enslaved  multitudes in  ever-increasing numbers  since
World War  II.   It is time to move ahead to correct the problem.
The  initiative   will  proceed   state-by-state  as  what  we've
unearthed,  along   with  my   analysis  contained   in  the  OTC
commissioner letter,  will probably  be distributed nationally by
the time you receive this complaint.

     Should you  fail to  respond with  authorities sufficient to
overcome those  cited herein  and in the OTC Commissioner letter,
and fail  to seek  appropriate remedies  dictated by the Oklahoma
Corrupt  Organizations  Act,  I  reserve  the  right  to  seek  a
specially appointed attorney general via political forum (Art. II
 1,  3  &  33,  Okla.  Const.),  and  otherwise  secure  lawful
remedies.  If you elect to investigate complaints conveyed in and
with this  letter, I  would prefer that you appoint someone other
than Mr. Wintory to handle the matter.


/s/ Dan Meador

Dan Meador

copies:  as needed & convenient

               Dan Meador Affidavit of Complaint:
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