TESTIMONIALS: The Great IRS Hoax (book)

". . .this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen on the Internet!  Thanks for having it available. I will always consult it before any  dealings with our federal gov't. " 
[B. Wahler, 6/6/2005]

". . .I would like to say, thank you and all the researchers for your very fine and important work.  Not a day goes by that I am not reading either the Great IRS Hoax or the Tax Freedom Solutions Manual.  I read it, preach it and try to help others to learn the truth.  I also do as said in the books, I look up, verify and I always recommend your work to anyone that will listen as being true and on point.  Thank you again for all the efforts!!!" 
[Ken, 12/23/2004]

"Thanks for ALL your good work. You are god's gift to us."
[M. Wood, 6/11/2005]

"I have been reading and studying the law, particularly 26 USC for some time now, and basically I agree with everything you say. Your knowledge is far more extensive than mine. I continue to be impressed and amazed at the volume and quantity of the research on your website. I find myself spending more and more time there.  Your book (Hoax) is outstanding--encyclopedic. [. . .] I believe that elimination of the foreign agents, the IRS, is just a small step; what we really need is a return to money, real money, not tokens. I don't want to abuse your time so I'll close now. Keep up your fine website. I deeply appreciate your work ethic; you deserve the thanks of a lot of people."
[D. Rakich, 3/27/2004]

"I would to thank you first of all for what has been of a great value to me in the form of All your research and time that has been putting together the vast amount of material of this nature. And make no mistake that thanks first went to God. I have finally read The Great IRS Hoax book and couldn't stop there and went on to order Tax Freedom Sol. Man. " 
[W. Blake, 3/2/2005]

"I have finally finished the IRS Hoax book. It took me about half a year to absorb all the information. I'm enraged and a little scared about the incredible evil of the people that control our government. I'm taking the appropriate steps to remove myself from slavery." 
[K. Truman, 2/25/2004]

"I've downloaded your book The Great IRS Hoax: version 3.45.   You have done an excellent job. The Heavenly Father has blessed you with the sword of truth." 
[Terrance, 2/6/2004]

"The Great IRS Hoax book is awesome. I have read all of it at least twice this year and selected areas I have read several additional times." 
[E. Haymond, 12/31/2003]

"I am fascinated by your book the 'Great IRS Hoax.'  I have been reviewing the facts on income taxes via Mr. Larkin Rose's and Mr. Irwin Schiff's websites.  It has been an interesting two years.  Now I have come across your site via the Tax Freedom Now group site at Yahoo.  And I thought Mr. Schiff's info was deep.  I have downloaded your book and have begun to read it." 
[Dr. Wolfman, 7/29/2003]

"I love your book by the way, it is very thorough. I want to make it clear that I am right here with you on your efforts."
[Steven Sykes, 5/26/2003]

"Thanks again for the fine book.   Kinko's did a nice job." 
[J. Guaracci, 5/23/2003]

"I'm really encouraged to see a Christian brother standing up for something."
[M. Trillo, 5/21/2003]

"Read your book and used your web site many times. Great work on both in all aspects." 
[C. Robinson, 4/20/2003]

"For this incredibly wonderful book—I just downloaded it. I want to commend your undertaking of such a task and immensely thank you for sharing the resulting information with us all!  I hope you will not hesitate to ask for help, if I can ever be of any." 
[J. Spada, 4/19/2003]

"I'd like to thank you for your incredible work on your book and website. It has allowed me to graduate from kindergarten to, oh, maybe, junior high or high school in tax freedom perspective in just a few short weeks of intense study." 
[J. Ferguson, 4/10/2003]

"Section 5.2.1 is colossal! The info in it is awesome!!!" 
[Wesley, 4/10/2003]

"I have been reading "The Great IRS Hoax" for months. From page 1, I would say that my emotions while reading the book have run the gamut, starting with skepticism, growing into incredulity and now having matured into righteous fury at having been the unwilling slave of an evil and corrupt system. Thank you so very much for your monumental efforts in creating this priceless volume; I eagerly look forward to employing this knowledge in the battle to free myself and my family from the involuntary servitude into which we were born....Thank you again for your magnificent work, and may God bless you." 
[T. Smith, 4/7/2003]

"Your book, "The Great IRS Hoax" is probably the best single-source of information that I know of concerning government fraud. It is an absolute treasure. Thank you for the great labor you have endured in producing it." 
[W. Cardone, 4/4/2003]

"It is very impressive that you are able to keep such a massive work updated with the 'catch me if you can' little changes and twists of logic constantly being perpetrated on the populace. You must have tremendous fortitude and an immortal commitment to this republic that give you the energy and immense wisdom required to provide such a great service to the lazy and distracted people of this country such as myself.

I wasted about eighteen months going thru the Nite and TaxGate websites.  But you have provided the actual tools that give the average citizen a viable option - to fight back the tyranny and stop living in fear and confusion. I appreciate and respect your work more than I can convey." 
[R. Blevins, 2/19/2003]

"Downloaded the GIH book back in May of this year, and I am just now in chapter six. While I had done a great deal of research (from taxgate.com and through my attorney Dr. Ed Rivera) on my own before running across your book through the We the People web site, your book is amazing! Let me commend you on the tremendous work you have done. It is truly a wonderful compendium. ...Again, let me praise your work!"
[R. Nethers, 12/20/2002]

"Incredible! Your book and website are phenomenal!! I applaud you on your courage and tremendous amount of work you put into this." 
[T. Bockwoldt, 11/5/2002]

"After visiting your site for some time, I was glad to see that you had taken part in the Truth-in-Taxations hearings with Mr. Shulz. Your sharp insight and depth of research shows. I'm especially pleased that you do this from a Biblical perspective. A specific example of this is your chart on Sovereignty at Great IRS Hoax Section 4.1. These thoughts may be a springboard for my sermon tomorrow.

I'm just beginning my journey into freedom. I know there is much to learn and many struggles ahead. I pray to come through them on the right side. I hope to lead my family into a new way of life. I pray that, within the coming generation, this nation will learn the truth and be set free. If not now, it may never happen.

Thanks for Sharing the truth with us. May God bless your good work." 
[Pastor D. Teel, 11/2/2002]

“Unbelievable!…I am telling everyone I can about what I have learned.  Keep it up." 
[T. Fowler, 10/28/02]

"I was enlightened about your website and haven't been able to stop reading "The Great IRS Hoax". Thank you for all of your hard work and having the courage to come forward and be such a blessing to others." 
[T. Kahale-Taylor, 10/18/02]

"I want to thank you for the amazingly comprehensive and extensive research compilation you accomplished in 'The Great IRS Hoax' and your respective website. Your efforts have saved me and many others years of preparatory work.  Wish I had paid attention to your work sooner.  As a compiler myself of sovereignty-related information and references, I understand how much work it takes and what presence of mind to hold all that information together.  Thank you so much for your dedication and service to the 'freedom movement.'

I have downloaded and printed the entire document, read it, took notes, indexed and cross-referenced it along with the DOJ Criminal Investigation Manual. I have spent weeks pouring through research and documentation in preparation for what might become the 'trial of the century.' I will fight for my freedom with all the resources I can muster." 
[Johnny Liberty (Johnny Van Hove), 10/7/02; http://www.icresource.com]

" Thanks for your help and all you have done for us. I have begun to inform and educate some guys at work, one is amazed at the extent of the lies. Thanks again."
[T. Logan, 8/30/2002]

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this remarkable piece of literature!! Until I stumbled across your book, I was almost constantly being harassed by the IRS. I followed your suggestions for expatriation and am preparing my 'Request for Refund Affidavit', using your sample letter and enclosures. You have to be the most unselfish person I have ever had the pleasure of "coming in contact with". I pray you have nothing but the best that life has to offer, your "gift" to me (and everyone I can tell about your book and website) is probably the best I have ever gotten. Again, Thank you and God Bless You, for your hard work, research and truly giving nature. You are truly an extraordinary individual!"
[T. Allen, 8/17/02]

"My eyes are a blur after reading all 2000 + pages.  Now I find myself doing more and more research. We know that those in government don't have credible characters, so why wouldn't we expect the cover-up to continue?  I must admit that I was a skeptic because many claims at the IRS web site 'Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments' match what was in the index.  I then began to think how ironic the title is TRUTH about ....  I couldn't remember the last time a govt. official told me the truth.  Then I couldn't get the thought out of my head and I thought what the heck, I'll begin to read the IRS Hoax. 2000+ pages along with other readings and that great web site  www.law.cornell.edu has made me a believer...

My daughter is a restaurant owner and I am an independent contractor.  We are both involved in learning more about the LAW.  I hope to learn enough by April 15th so I feel ready to take on the BEAST. " 
[Marlene, tomassone@gglob.net, 5/28/2002]

"Your work is monumental. I would love to see it in encyclopedic form with each chapter being its own volume. It can be and is the definitive family law library for freedom in America.  I printed out the 2700 + pages and have read much of it." 
[C. Green, 5/7/2002]

“This book is one that can’t be put down.  I think I fell asleep once or twice while reading last night!  Thank you so much for what you have done!  My eyes are getting wider with each day that goes by in my own search for the truth.  You are one of many whom I owe gratitude to for sharing your knowledge.” 
[A. Muse, 5/15/2002]

"So far in my reading, I am enthralled with your publication. It is simply fascinating....Thank you for the extensive work and opening my eyes to this issue." 
[B. Henneman, 4/23/2002]

"The book, 'The Great IRS Hoax' is amazing!! I am finding so much useful information in my endeavor to keep the payroll department to end withholding!" 
[A. Martinez, 3/3/2002]

"I just wanted to say your sight is phenomenal and your work is greatly appreciated. We were very happy to hear that you were at the tax hearings." 
[S. Ellison, 2/28/2002]

"I believe your book to be absolutely phenomenal. I took the files to a print shop and had it printed into three beautiful volumes that are my constant reference." 
[Al, 2/15/2002]

“Over the years I have been subjected to some of the most ridiculous philosophies ever, and you have clarified each and every question or doubt that I may have had.  How did you ever find the time to put together the most comprehensive analysis of how we have allowed our public (dis)servants to stray.  The greatest compilation of facts that I have ever seen in one assembly.  Congratulations!” 
[D. Fleming, 2/10/2002]

"Thanks for a fantastic body of work. Absolutely incredible!"
[K. Sauber, 2/4/2002]

"...let me say what an excellent book this is. It has been very interesting reading and a valuable source of information. I am very impressed. Your book gives great insight to the tax scam and has given me the tools necessary to proceed." 
[Karen, 2/2/2002]

“Today I took your advise and checked out the 8th chapter of your on-line book "IRS Hoax" concerning sovereignty. WOW! Your right!! I can't believe how detailed your book is. Thanks so much for making available such good info...not just in "Hoax" but your entire website. The fact that you are not charging "fees" to view the info is also greatly appreciated. I'm going to pass along the URL to my Christian friends also. God Bless your efforts!” 
[Lazerwood  1/27/02]

“Words can not express my feelings about your book. After 5 years (on and off) of studying the various reasons why we should not pay income taxes, I have finally found what most should consider the ‘Bible’ of de-taxing of America. It will take me a long time to read the entire book and even longer to fully understand what is presented, but I will do so in the next few months.

The fact you are making it available free makes everything even more accurate and believable. I have a hundred questions which I am sure I will find the answers to shortly.

I guess all I can say is thank you. THANK YOU! Take care and may God BLESS you.” 
[M. Wood, 1/10/2002]

"In reading your book 'The Great IRS Hoax', I'm very impressed with your extensive research and insight on this most important subject.  I'm especially impressed that you are not charging anyone for this extensive information, which just proves your sincerity and seals it with your blood.  You are a true patriot." 
[S. Hale, 12/27/2001]

"Congratulations on an important, immensely far-reaching piece of work. The enormity of the hoax tempts us into nasty ironies like “WE WANT TO TRY TO ILLEGALLY STEAL AND EXTORT MONEY FROM YOU WITH AS LITTLE EFFORT AS POSSIBLE AND COMPEL YOU INTO VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE,.” but in the long run I believe such rhetoric mars the document's dignity. The intelligent, receptive bureaucratic answer would be something like “THIS KIND OF ENFORCEMENT IS ENCOURAGED BY CUSTOMARY CONSENT TO ABBREVIATED PROCESS,” which renders the speaker just as guilty, but doesn't spoil his epiphany by forcing him to confess to extortion.

Purged of all its passive-aggressive vindictiveness (“I DON’T HAVE ANY DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY ORDER PERMITTING ME TO DO THIS. I AM, INSTEAD, COMMITTING FRAUD AND EXTORTION UNDER THE COLOR OF OFFICE IN VIOLATION OF 26 U.S.C. Section 7214”), the Test is still a guillotine.

Many thanks for this significant accomplishment, _____." 
[Tupper Saussy, http://tuppersaussy.com/HTMFILES/ROEtour.htm, 10/4/2001]

"I thank you for your informative and well defined material.  I also thank you for not having the drivel of some of the 'patriot' money scams and mis-direction which gets many in trouble.  You have good, solid information." 
[R. Moats, 9/6/2001]

"First, thank you for putting together such a fantastic work!  And to continuing to improve/update/correct it.  This is an incredible service.  And I am appreciative of the gift of service you have made, a patriotic service of the magnitude of our founding fathers!  We all owe you a debt of gratitude..." 
[N. Stephenson, 8/10/2001]

"Today I downloaded your book off the internet and started reading it.  Wow!  Thank you!  Best regards.  Your biggest fan." 
[M. Santell, 7/30/2001]

"I have just picked up my copy of your work from Kinko's. You are to be commended for your diligence, intelligence, and perseverance.  This is a work I would have written if I had the time and money to do so.  Keep me posted...I have been in a long dispute with the hoaxers, almost 6 years now, and we seem to be winning...when Americans are inspired to overcome fear and intimidation, then the true Republic will be birthed out of this existing slavery." 
[J. Lamenzo, 7/24/2001]

"...I can see that you are a bible believer and I am glad that you are putting God in your publications." 
[H. Parson, 7/9/2001]

"I want to take a moment to email you regarding your book 'The Great IRS Hoax: Why We Don't Owe Income Tax,' and let you know how profound an affect it has had on me.  Having just discovered it a couple days ago, I have read a large portion of it already.  It may indeed be the single most enlightening (and enraging) things I have ever read.  I have registered with the We The People Foundation offering to volunteer my services in any way possible and would like to find out from you how else I can get involved in righting this atrocity of the government.  The amount of time and effort put into your research is nothing short of incredible I'm sure and I want to thank you for helping me to understand the truth.  It inspired me to write a column, using your book as a reference extensively, which I am sending out to everyone I know and any and all news outlets I can reach..." 
[C. Newton, 7/5/2001]

"...I would like to praise you and your work.  Specifically, your book 'The Great IRS Hoax'.  I applaud you and your efforts to make the truth known.  I have been aware of many aspects of this hoax, but until now I have been unable to find so much in one complete source.  Kudos to you for getting the truth out!" 
[S. Vogt, 6/29/2001]

"I recently obtained your manual entitled 'The Great IRS Hoax: Why We Don't Owe Income Tax'.  It was printed and bound by Kinkos.

I wanted to let you know it is the best work I've ever seen in terms of educational material.  Hands down, I have never seen any document, journal, or book with so many well-organized chapters and information.  Much thanks for the tenacity, endurance, and persistence that went into it!  I will be giving these binders out to family and friends." 
[S. Ellison, 5/3/2001]

"I was the person that called you today from Africa.  I downloaded your book off the net regarding the IRS and the Income Tax and found it very thorough.  You have done a superb job, and with all my heart I thank you for the great effort that you have expended in the cause of liberty in our land." 
[G. Beauchemin, Missionary, Africa, 4/30/2001]

"Words cannot express the greatest that you deserve in your efforts in putting together this information...Please inform me how to purchase the book..." 
[T. Strain, Baton Rouge, LA, 4/28/2001]

"We just discovered this and this book is AWESOME!!!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!  May God richly bless you with abundant peace, joy, health, happiness, love, good friends, and financial success!" 
[K. Hughes, 3/26/2001]