Legal Abbreviations: V


Abbrev. Meaning
VA Department of Veterans Affairs
Va. Virginia Reports
Va.App. Virginia Court of Appeals Reports
Va.Cas. Virginia Cases
Va.Code Ann. Code of Virginia Annotated
Va.Dec. Virginia Decisions
Va.Envtl.L.J. Virginia Environmental Law Journal
Va.J.Int'l L. Virginia Journal of International Law
Va.J.Nat.Resources L. Virginia Journal of Natural Resources Law
Va.Tax Rev. Virginia Tax Review
Vac'g Vacating
Va.L.Rev. Virginia Law Review
Va.Law. Virginia Lawyer
Val.U.L.Rev. Valparaiso University Law Review
V.A.M.S. Vernon's Annotated Missouri Statutes
V.A.M.R. Vernon's Annotated Missouri Rule
Vand.L.R. Vanderbilt Law Review
V.A.T.S. Vernon's Annotated Texas Statutes
V.C.A. Veterans Court of Appeals
Vernon's Ann.C.C.P. Vernon's Annotated Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
Vernon's Ann.Civ.St. Vernon's Annotated Texas Civil Statutes
Vernon's Ann.P.C. Vernon's Annotated Texas Penal Code
Vernon's Ann.Rules Civ. Proc. Vernon's Annotated Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
V.I.C. Virgin Islands Code
Vill.L.Rev. Villanova Law Review
V.S. Vermont Statutes
V.S.A. Vermont Statutes Annotated
Vt. Vermont Reports
Vt.L.Rev. Vermont Law Review
Vt. Stat.Ann. Vermont Statutes Annotated
V.T.C.A.  Vernon's Texas Codes Annotated
V.T.S.A. Vernon's Texas Statutes Annotated

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