Legal Abbreviations: U


Abbrev. Meaning
U.Ark. Little Rock L.J. University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Journal
U.Balt.L.Rev. University of Baltimore Law Review
U. Bridgeport L.Rev. University of Bridgeport Law Review
U.C.A. Utah Code Annotated
U.C.C. Uniform Commercial Code
U.C.C.L.J. Uniform Commercial Code Law Journal
U.C. Davis L.Rev. University of California Davis Law Review
U.Chi.L.Rev. University of Chicago Law Review
U.Chi. Legal F. University of Chicago Legal Forum
U.Cin.L.Rev. University of Cincinnati Law Review
U.Colo.L.Rev. University of Colorado Law Review
UCLA J.Envtl.L. & Pol'y UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy
UCLA L.R. Univ. of Cal. Los Angeles Law Review
UCLA Pac.Basin L.J. UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal
U. Dayton L.Rev. University of Dayton Law Review
U.Det.L.Rev. University of Detroit Law Review
U.Fla.J.L. & Pub.Pol'y University of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy
U.Haw.L.Rev. University of Hawaii Law Review
U.Ill.L.Rev. University of Illinois Law Review
U.Kan.L.Rev. University of Kansas Law Review
U.L.A. Uniform Laws Annotated
U.L.P.A. Uniform Limited Partnership Act
UMKC L.Rev. University of Missouri-Kansas City Law Review
U.Maine L.Rev. University of Maine Law Review
U.Miami L.Rev. University of Miami Law Review
U.Mo.Bl, Law Ser. University of Missouri Bulletin Law Series
UN United Nations
Unof. Unofficial, Report
UPA Uniform Partnership Act
U.Pa.J.INt'l Bus.L. University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Business Law
U.Pa.L.Rev. Univ. of Pennsylvania Law Review
U.Pitt.L.Rev. Univ. of Pittsburgh Law Review
UPC Uniform Probate Code
U.Puget Sound L.Rev. University of Puget Sound Law Review
Urb.Law. Urban Lawyer
Urban L.J. University of Detroit, Urban Law Journal
U.Rich.L.Rev. University of Richmond Law Review
U.S. United States Supreme Court Reports
U.S.Aviation Rep. Aviation Reports, U.S.
U.S.C. United States Code
U.S.C.A. United States Code Annotated
U.S.C.C. & A.N. United States Code Congressional and Administrative News
U.S. Const. United States Constitution
USDA  United States Department of Agriculture
USES United States Employment Service
U.S.F.L.Rev. University of San Francisco Law Review
USIA United States Information Agency
USIS United States Information Service
USITC United States International Trade Commission
U.S.L.Ed. Lawyer's Ed. Supreme Court Reports
U.S.L.W. United States Law Week
U.S.P.Q. United States Patent Quarterly
USTC United States Tax Cases
U.Tol.L.Rev. University of Toledo Law Review
U.West L.A.L.Rev. University of West Los Angeles Law Review
Utah Utah Reports
Utah 2d Utah Reports, Second Series
Utah B.J. Utah Bar Journal
Utah Code Ann. Utah Code Annotated
Utah L.Rev. Utah Law Review

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