Legal Abbreviations: T


Abbrev. Meaning
T. Texas Reports
T. Marshall L.Rev. Thurgood Marshall Law Review
Tax Adviser Tax Adviser
Tax Law. Tax Lawyer
Tax L.Rev. Tax Law Review
T.B.M. Advisory Tax Board Memorandum
T.C. United States Tax Court
T.C.A. Tennessee Code Annotated
T.C.M. Tax Court Memorandum Decisions
T.D. Treasury Department Decision
Temp.Int'l & Comp.L.J. Temple University International and Comparative Law Journal
Temp.L.Rev. Temple Law Review
Temple L.Q. Temple Law Quarterly
Temp.Treas.Reg. Temporary Treasury Regulation
Tenn. Tennessee Reports
Tenn.App. Tennessee Appeals
Tenn.B.J. Tennessee Bar Journal
Tenn.Cas. Shannon's Tennessee Cases
Tenn.Ch. Tennessee Chancery
Tenn.Ch.A. Tennessee Chancery Appeals
Tenn.Civ.A. Tennessee Civil Appeals
Tenn.Code Ann. Tennessee Code Annotated
Tenn.Crim.App. Tennessee Criminal Appeals Reports
Tenn.Leg.Rep. Tennessee Legal Reporter, Nashville, Tenn.
Tenn.L.Rev. Tennessee Law Review
Ter.Laws Territorial Laws
Tex. Texas Reports
Tex.App. Texas Appeals Reports
Tex.B.J. Texas Bar Journal
Tex.Civ.App. Texas Civil Appeals Reports
Tex.Code Ann. Texas Code Annotated
Tex.Com.App. Texas Commission of Appeals
Tex.Crim. Texas Criminal Reports
Tex.Ct.App.R. Texas Court of Appeals Reports
Tex.Int'l L.J. Texas International Law Journal
Tex.L.J. Texas Law Journal
Tex.L.Rev. Texas Law Review
Tex.Rev.Civ.Stat.Ann. Texas Revised Civil Statutes Annotated
Tex.So.U.L.Rev. Texas Southern University Law Review
Tex.Tech L.Rev. Texas Tech Law Review
T.I.R. Technical Information Releases
T.M.R. Trade Mark Reports
T. Marshall L.J. Thurgood Marshall Law Journal
Tort & Ins.L.J. Tort & Insurance Law Journal
Trademark Rep. Trademark Reporter
Treas.Dec. Treasury Decisions
Treas.Reg. Treasury Regulation
Trial Pub. of Assoc. of Trial Lawyers of America
Tul.Civ.L.F. Tulane Civil Law Forum
Tul.L.Rev. Tulane Law Review
Tulsa L.J. Tulsa Law Journal
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority

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