Legal Abbreviations: S


Abbrev. Meaning
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
San Diego L.Rev. San Diego Law Review
San Fern.V.L.Rev. San Fernando Valley Law Review
San Fran.Atty. San Francisco Attorney
Santa Clara L.Rev. Santa Clara Law Review
S.B. Sentate Beill
SBA Small Business Administration
S.Bar.J. Journal of the State Bar of California
SBIC Small Business Investment Companies
S.C. South Carolina Reports
S.C.Code Ann. Code of Laws of South Carolina
S.C.Eq. South Carolina Equity
S.C.Law. South Carolina Lawyer
S.C.L.Rev. South Carolina Law Review
S.Cal.L.Rev. South Carolina Law Review
S.Cal.L.Rev. Southern California Law Review
S.Ct. U.S. Supreme Court Reporter
S.D. South Dakota Reports; Southern District
S.D.Codified Laws Ann. South Dakota Codified Laws Annotated
S.D.L.Rev. South Dakota Law Review
S.E. South Eastern Reporter
S.E.2d South Eastern Reporter, Second Series
SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Sec. Section; Securities
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
Ser. Series
Sess. Session
Sess.Acts Session Acts
Sess.Laws Session Laws
Seton Hall L.Rev. Seton Hall Law Review
Seton Hall Legis.L. Seton Hall Legislative Journal
S.F.L.R. San Francisco Law Review
S.H.A. Smith-Hurd Illinois Annotated Statutes
S.Ill.U.L.J. Southern Illinois University
S & L Savings and Loan Association
Smith-Hurd Ann.St. Smith-Hurd Illinois Annotated Statutes
So. Southern Reporter
So.2d Southern Reporter, Second Series
So.Cal.L.Rev. Southern California Law Review
So.Car.L.J. South Carolina Law Journal
So.Car.L.Rev. South Carolina Law Review
So.Dak.L.Rev. South Dakota Law Review
So.Ill.L.J. Southern Illinois University Law Journal
So.U.L.Rev. Southern University Law Review (La.)
Software L.J. Software Law Journal
South Texas L.Rev. South Texas Law Review
Southwestern (Tex.) L.J. Southwestern Law Journal
Sp.Acts Special Acts
Sp.Laws Special Laws
Sp.Sess. Special Session
S.R. Senate Resolution
SSA Social Security Administration
SSI Supplementary Security Income Program
SSS Selective Service System
S.Tex.L.Rev. South Texas Law Review
St. State; Statutes; State laws or acts
Stan.Envtl.L.J. Stanford Environmental Law Journal
Stan.J.Int'l L. Stanford Journal of International Law
Stan.L.Rev. Stanford Law Review
Stat. Statutes
Stat. at L. Statutes at Large, U.S.
Stetson L.Rev. Stetson Law Review
St. John's J.Legal Commentary St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary
St. John's L.Rev. St. John's Law Review
St. Louis U.L.J. Saint Louis University Law Journal
St. Mary's L.J. St. Mary's Law Journal
St. Rep. State Reporter
Suffolk Transnat'l L.J. Suffolk Transnational Law Journal
Suffolk U.L.Rev. Suffolk University Law Review
S.U.L.Rev. Southern University Law Review (La.)
Sup. Supplement
Sup.Ct. Supreme Court
Super.Ct. Superior Court
Sup.Jud.Ct. Superior Court
Supp. Supplement
Supp.Code Supplement to Code
Supp.Gen.St. Supplement to the General Statutes
Supp.Rev. Supplement to the Revision
Supp.Rev.Code Supplement to the Revised Code
Supp.Rev.St. Supplement to the Revised Statutes
Sur.Ct. Surrogate Court
S.W. South Western Reporter
S.W.2d South Western Reporter, Second Series
Sw.L.J. Southwestern Law Journal
Sw.U.L.Rev. Southwestern University Law Review
Syracuse J.Int'l L. & Com. Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce
Syracuse L.Rev. Syracuse Law Review

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