Legal Abbreviations: R


Abbrev. Meaning
R.C. Revised Code
R.C.L. Ruling Case Law
R.C.M. Revised Code of Montana
RCWA Revised Code of Washington Annotated
Real Est.L.J. Real Estate Law Journal
Rec. Record
Reg. Register; Regulation
REIT Real Estate Investment Trust
Rem'g Remanding
Rep. Report(s, er)
Res Gestae Res Gestae (Indiana State Bar Assoc.)
RESPA Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
Rev. Revised; Review
Rev.Civ.Code Revised Civil Code
Rev.Civ.St. Revised Civil Statutes
Rev.Code Revised Code
Rev.Code Civ.Proc. Revised Code of Civil Procedure
Rev.Cr.Code Revised Criminal Code
Rev.Code Cr. Proc. Revised Code of Criminal Procedure
Rev.Laws Revised Laws
Rev.Mun.Code Revised Municipal Code
Rev.Ord. Revised Ordinances
Rev.Pen.Code Revised Penal Code
Rev.Pol.Code Revised Political Code
Rev.Proc. Revenue Procedure
Rev.Rul. Revenue Ruling
Rev.St. Revised Statutes
R.I. Rhode Island Reports
R.I.B.J. Rhode Island Bar Journal
R.I.Gen.Laws General Laws of Rhode Island
R.L. Revised Laws
Rocky Mtn.Min.L.Inst. Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute
RRB Railroad Retirement Board
R.S. Revised Statutes
R.S.N. Revised Statutes of Nebraska
RTC Resolution Trust Corporation
Rutgers-Cam.L.J. Rutgers-Camden Law Journal
Rutgers Computer & Tech. L.J. Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal
Rutgers L.J. Rutgers Law Journal
Rutgers L.Rev. Rutgers Law Review

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