Legal Abbreviations: P


Abbrev. Meaning
P. Pacific Reporter
P.2d Pacific Reporter, Second Series
Pa. Pennsylvania State Reports
Pa.B.A.Q. Pennsylvania Bar Ass'n Quarterly
Pace Envtl.L.Rev. Pace Environmental Law Review
Pace L.Rev. Pace Law Review
Pacific C.L.J. Pacific Coast Law Journal, San Francisco
Pac.L.J. Pacific Law Journal
Pa.Cmwlth. Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Reports
Pa.Co.Ct.R. Pennsylvania County Court Reports
Pa.Com.Pl. Pennsylvania Common Pleas Reporter
Pa.Cons.Stat.Ann. Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Annotated
Pa.Corp. Pennsylvania Corporation Reporter
Pa.C.S.A. Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Annotated
Pa.Dist. & Co. Pennsylvania District and County Reports
Pa.Dist. & Co.2d Pennsylvania District and County Reports, Second Series
Pa.Dist. & Co.3d Pennsylvania District and County Reports, Third Edition
Pa.Dist.R. Pennsylvania District Reports
Pa.Law J. Pennsylvania Law Journal
Pa.Law Ser. Pennsylvania Law Series
Pa.Leg.Gaz. Legal Gazette Reports (Campbell) Pa.
Pa.L.Rec. Pennsylvania Law Record
Pa.Misc. Pennsylvania Miscellaneous Reports
Pamph.Laws Pamphlet Laws, Acts
Pa.Stat.Ann. Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated
Pa.Super. Pennsylvania Superior Court Reports
Pat. Patent
Pat.L.Ann. Patent Law Annual
Pat.Off.Gaz. Patent Office Gazette
Pat.Off.Rep. Patent Office Reports
PBGC Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
P.C. Penal Code
Pen.Code. Penal Code
Pen.Laws Penal Laws
Pepperdine L.Rev. Pepperdine Law Review
Pet. Peters, U.S. Supreme Court Reports
PHA's Public Housing Agencies
Phila.Leg.Int. Philadelphia Legal Intelligence
Philippine Philipine Reports
Philippine L.J. Philipine Law Journal
PHS Public Health Service
Pitt.L.J. Pittsburgh Legal Journal
Pittsb.Leg.J. Pittsburgh Legal Journal
Pittsb.Leg.J., N.S. Pittsubrgh Legal Journal, New Series, Pa.
Pittsb.R. Pittsburgh Reports, Pa.
P.L. Public Law
P.L.J. Pittsburgh Legal Journal, Pa.
Portia L.J. Portia Law Journal
Porto Rico Porto Rico Reports
Potomac L.Rev. Potomac Law Review
Prac.Act Practice Act
Prac.Law. Practical Lawyer
Priv.Ltr.Rul. Private Letter Ruling (IRS)
Prop.Treas.Reg. Proposed Treasury Regulation
P.R.R. Puerto Rico Supreme Court
P.S. Pennsylvania Statues; Pennsylvania Unconsolidated Statutes Annotated
PTO Patent and Trademark Office
Pub.Acts Public Acts
Pub.Cont.L.J. Public Contract Law Journal
Pub.Gen.Laws Public General Laws
Pub.L. Public Law
Pub.Land L.Rev. Public Land Law Review
Pub.Laws Public Laws
PUD Planned Unit Development
Puget Sound L.Rev. Puget Sound Law Review
P.U.R. Public Utilities Reports
PWBA Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration

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