Legal Abbreviations: N


Abbrev. Meaning
NAS National Academy of Sciences
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASD National Association of Securities Dealers
Nat.Gas Law.J. Natural Gas Lawyer's Journal
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Nat.Resources J. Natural Resources Journal
Nat'l Black L.J. National Black Law Journal
Nat'l Jewish L.Rev. National Jewish Law Review
Naval L.Rev. Naval Law Review
NBS National Bureau of Standards
N.C. North Carolina Reports
N.C.App. North Carolina Court of Appeals Reports
N.C.Bar North Carolina Bar
N.C.Cent.L.J. North Carolina Central Law Journal
N.C.Gen.Stat. General Statutes of North Carolina
N.C.L.Rev. North Carolina Law Review
N.C.S.B. Quarterly North Carolina State Bar Quarterly
N.C.Term R. North Carolina Term Reports
N.D. North Dakota Reports; Northern District
N.D.Cent.Code North Dakota Century Code
N.D.L.Rev. North Dakota Law Review
N.E. North Eastern Reporter
N.E.2d North Eastern Reporter, Second Series
Neb. Nebraska Reports
Neb.L.B. Nebraska Law Bulletin
Neb.L.Rev. Nebraska Law Review
Neb.Rev.Stat. Revised Statutes of Nebraska
Neb.St.B.J. Nebraska State Bar Journal
Nev. Nevada Reports
Nev.Rev.Stat. Nevada Revised Statutes
New Eng.L.Rev. New England Law Review
N.H. New Hampshire Reports
N.H.B.J. New Hampshire Bar Journal
N.H.Rev.Stat.Ann. New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated
NHTSA National Highway Transportation Safety Administration
N.Ill.U.L.Rev. Northern Illinois University Law Review
N.J. New Jersey Reports
N.J.Eq. New Jersey Equity Reports
N.J.L. New Jersey Law Reports
N.J.Law. New Jersey Lawyer
N.J.L.J. New Jersey Law Journal
N.J.Misc. New Jersey Miscellaneous Reports
N.J.S.A. New Jersey Statutes Annotated
N.J.St.B.J. New Jersey State Bar Journal
N.J.Super. New Jersey Superior Court Reports
nka now known as
N.Ky.L.Rev. Northern Kentucky Law Review
NLRB National Labor Relations Board
N.M. New Mexico Reports
N.M.App. New Mexico Appeals
N.M.Bar.Bul. New Mexico Bar Bulletin
N.M.L.Rev. New Mexico Law Review
N.M.Stat.Ann. New Mexico Statutes Annotated
Notre Dame J.L. Ethics & Pub. Pol'y Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, & Public Policy
Notre Dame L.Rev. Notre Dame Law Review
Nova L.Rev. Nova Law Review
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
N.R.S. Nevada Revised Statutes
NSA National Security Agency
NSC National Security Council
NSF National Science Foundation
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
N.W. North Western Reporter
N.W.2d North Western Reporter, Second Series
Nw.J.Int'l L. & Bus. Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business
Nw.U.L.Rev. Northwestern University Law Review
N.Y. New York Court of Appeals Reports
N.Y.2d New York Court of Appeals Reports, Second Series
N.Y.A.D. New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Reports
N.Y.A.D.2d New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Reports, Second Series
N.Y.Ann.Cas. New York Annotated Cases
N.Y.App.Div. New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division
N.Y.Cas.Err. New York Cases in Error, Caine's Cases
N.Y.Ch.Sent New York Chancery Sentinel
N.Y.City Ct. New York City Court
N.Y.City Ct.Suppl. New York City Court Supplement
N.Y.City H.Rec. New York City Hall Recorder
N.Y.Civ.Proc. New York Civil Procedure
N.Y.Civ.Proc.R., N.S. New York Civil Procedure Reports, New Series
N.Y.Civ.Pr.Rep. New York Civil Procedure Reports
N.Y.Code Rep. New York Code Reporter
N.Y.Code Reports, N.S. New York Code Reports, New Series
N.Y.Cond. New York Condensed Reports
N.Y.County B.Bull. New York County Bar Bulletin
N.Y.Cr.R. New York Criminal Reports
N.Y.Daily L.Gaz. New York Daily Law Gazette
N.Y. Daily Reg. New York Daily Register
N.Y.Elect.Cas. New York Election Cases
N.Y.Intl.L.Rev. New York International Law Review
N.Y.Law J. New York Law Journal
N.Y.L.C.Ann. New York Leading Cases Annotated
N.Y.L.F. New York Law Forum
N.Y.Law B.Bull. New York Lawyer Bar Bulletin
N.Y.Law B.J. New York Lawyer Bar Journal
N.Y.Leg.N. New York Legal News
N.Y.Leg.Obs. New York Legal Observer
N.Y.Leg.Reg. New York Legal Register
N.Y.L.Gaz. New York Law Gazette
N.Y.L.J. New York Law Journal
N.Y.L.Rec. New York Law Record
N.Y.L.Rev. New York Law Review
N.Y.L.Sch.L.Rev. New York Law School Review
N.Y.Misc. New York Miscellaneous Reports
N.Y.Misc.2d New York Miscellaneous Reports, Second Series
N.Y.Month.L.Bul. New York Monthly Law Bulletin
N.Y.Month.L.R. New York Monthly Law Reports
N.Y.Mun.Gaz. New York Municipal Gazette
N.Y.Ops.Atty.Gen. Opinions of the Attorney-General of New York
N.Y.Pr.Rep. New York Practice Reports
N.Y.Rec. New York Record
N.Y.S. New York Supplement Reporter
N.Y.S.2d New York Supplement Reporter, Second Series
N.Y.St.B.J. New York State Bar Journal
N.Y.St.Rep. New York State Reporter
N.Y.Super.Ct. New York Superior Court
N.Y.U.L.Rev. New York University Law Review
N.Y.U.Rev.L. & Soc. Change New York University Review of Law and Social Change
N.Y.Wkly.Dig. New York Weekly Digest

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