Legal Abbreviations: M


Abbrev. Meaning
MA Maritime Administration
Mag. Magistrate
Maine B.J. Maine Bar Journal
Maine L.Rev. Maine Law Review
Marq.L.Rev. Marquette Law Review
Mass. Massachusetts Reports
Mass.App.Ct. Massachusetts Appeals Court Reports
Mass.L.Rev. Massachusetts Law Review
Mass.L.Q. Massachusetts Law Quarterly
McGill L.J. McGill Law Journal
M.C.A. Mississippi Code Annotated; Montana Code Annotated
M.C.L.A. Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated
Md. Maryland Reports
Md.Ann. Maryland Appellate Reports
Md.B.J. Maryland Bar Journal
Md.Ch. Maryland Chancery
Md.Code Ann. Annotated Code of Maryland
Md.J.Int'l L. & Trade Maryland Journal of International Law and Trade
Md.L.Rep. Maryland Law Reporter, Baltimore
Md.L.Rev. Maryland Law Review
Me. Maine Reports
Me.B.J. Maine Bar Journal
Me.L.Rev. Maine Law Review
Med.Leg.J. Medico Legal Journal
Med.Trial Tech.Q. Medical Trial Technique Quarterly
Memphis L.J. Memphis Law Journal, Tenn.
Memphis St.U.L.Rev. Memphis State University Law Review
Mercer L.Rev. Mercer Law Review
Me.Rev.Stat.Ann. Maine Revised Statutes Annotated
M.F.P.D. Modern Federal Practice Digest
MGIC Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
M.G.L.A. Massachusetts General Laws Annotated
Miami L.Q. Miami Law Quarterly
Mich. Michigan Reports
Mich.App. Michigan Appeals Reports
Mich.B.J. Michigan Bar Journal
Mich.Ct.Cl. Michigan Court of Claims Reports
Mich.Lawyer Michigan Lawyer
Mich.L.Rev. Michigan Law Review
Mich.S.B.J. Michigan State Bar Journal
Mil.L.Rev. Military Law Review
Minn. Minnesota Reports
Minn.L.Rev. Minnesota Law Review
Minn.T.Law. Minnesota Trial Lawyer
Miss. Mississippi Reports
Miss.C.L.Rev. Mississippi College Law Review
Miss.Code Ann. Mississippi Code Annotated
Miss.Dec. Mississippi Decisions
Miss.L.J. Mississippi Law Journal
Miss.Law. Mississippi Lawyer
Miss.St.Cas. Mississippi State Cases
Mitf.Eq.Pl. Mitford's Equity Pleading
M.J. Military Justice Reporter
M.L.R. Military Law Review
MLS Multiple Listing Service
Mo. Missouri Reports
Mo.App. Missouri Appeals Reports
Mo.B.J. Missouri Bar Journal
Mo.J.Dis.Res. Missouri Journal of Dispute Resolution
Mo.L.Rev. Missouri Law Review
Mo.St.Ann. Missouri Statutes Annotated
Mont. Montana Reports
Mont.Code Ann. Montana Code Annotated
Mont.L.Rev. Montana Law Review
MPC Model Penal Code
M.R.S.A. Maine Revised Statutes Annotated
M.S.A. Minnesota Statutes Annotated; Michigan Statutes Annotated
MSPD Merit Systems Protection Board
M.T. Miscellaneous Tax Ruling
Mun.Att'y Municipal Attorney
Mun.Code Municipal Code
Mun.Ct. Municipal Court

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