Legal Abbreviations: L


Abbrev. Meaning
L. Laws (of state)
La. Louisiana Reports
La.Ann. Louisiana Annual Reports
La.App. Louisiana Courts of Appeal Reports
La.B.J. Louisiana Bar Journal
L.A.Law Los Angeles Lawyer
La.L.J. Louisiana Law Journal
La.L.Rev. Louisiana Law Review
La.Rev.Stat.Ann. Louisiana Revised Statutes Annotated
Lab.L.J. Labor Law Journal
Land & Water L.Rev. Land & Water Law Review
Law Ct. Law Court
Law Div. Law Division
Law & Contemp.Prob. Law & Contemporary Problems
Law & Hist.Rev. Law and History Review
Law Forum Law Forum (U. of Baltimore)
Law Inst.J. Law Institute Journal
Law Lib.J. Law Library Journal
LEAA Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
L.Ed. U.S. Supreme Court Reports, Lawyer's Edition
L.Ed.2d U.S. Supreme Court Reports, Lawyer's Edition Second
Leg. Acts of the Legislature
Legal Reference Services Q. Legal Reference Services Quarterly
Legisl. Legislation; Legislative
Leh.L.J. Lehigh Law Journal, Pa.
Lincoln Law Rev. Lincoln Law Review
L.J. Law Journal
L.L.P Limited Liability Partnership
Los Angeles Bar J. Los Angeles Bar Journal
Lay.L.A.Ent.L.J. Loyola Entertainment Law Journal
Loy.L.A.Int'l & Comp.L.J. Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Journal
Loy.L.A.L.Rev. Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review
Loy.U.Chi.L.J. Loyola University Chicago Law Journal
L.P.R.A. Laws of Puerto Rico Annotated
L.R. Law Reports, U.S.
L.R.A. Lawyers' Reports Annotated
LSA Louisiana Statutes Annotated
LSA-C.C. Louisiana Statutes Annotated-Civil Code
LSA-C.C.P. Louisiana Statutes Annotated-Code of Civil Procedure
LSA-C.Cr.P. Louisiana Statutes Annotated-Code of Criminal Procedure
LSA-C.J.P. Louisiana Statues Annotated-Code of Juvenile Procedure
LSA-R.S. Louisiana Statues Annotated-Revised Statutes
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