Legal Abbreviations: J


Abbrev. Meaning
JAG Judge Advocate General
JAG Bull. JAG Bulletin (USAF)
JAG J. JAG Journal
JAG L.Rev. United States Air Force JAG
J.Agric.Tax'n & L. Journal of Agricultural Taxation & Law
J.Air L. & Com. Journal of Air Law and Commerce
J.Am.Acad.Matrimonial Law Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
J.Bus.L. Journal of Business Law
J.C.U.L. Journal of College and University Law
J.Cont.L. Journal of Contract Law
J.Contemp.Health L.Pol'y Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy
J.Contemp.L. Journal of Contemporary Law
J.Contemp.Legal Issues Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues
J.Copyright Soc'y Journal of Copyright Society of the U.S.A.
J.Corp.L. Journal of Corporation Law (Iowa)
J.Corp.Tax'n Journal of Corporation Taxation
J.Crim.L. & Criminology Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology
J.Energy & Nat.Resources L. Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law
J.Energy L. & Pol'y Journal of Energy Law & Policy
J.Envtl.L.Litigation Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation
J.Fam.L. Journal of Family Law
J.Int'l Arb. Journal of International Arbitration
J.Juv.L. Journal of Juvenile Law
J.Kan.B.A. Journal of the Kansas Bar Association
J.L. & Com. Journal of Law and Commerce
J.L. & Econ. Journal of Law and Economics
J.L. & Educ. Journal of Law & Education
J.L. & Health Journal of Law & Health
J.L. & Info.Sci. Journal of Law and Information Science
J.L. & Pol.  Journal of Law & Politics
J.L. & Cosial Pol'y Journal of Law and Social Policy
J.Land Use & Envtl.L. Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law
J.Legal Educ. Journal of Legal Education
J.Legal Hist. Journal of Legal History
J.Legal Med.  Journal of Legal Medicine
J.Legal Prof. Journal of the Legal Profession
J.Legal Stud. Journal of Legal Studies
J.Legis. Journal of Legislation
J.mar.L. & Com. Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce
J.Marshall L.Rev. John Marshall Law Review
J.Min.L. & Pol'y Journal of Mineral Law & Policy
J.Mo.B. Journal of the Missouri Bar
J.P. Justice of the Peace
J.Pat. & Trademard Office Off.Soc'y Journal of the Patent and Trademark Society
J.Prod.Liab. Journal of Products Liability
J.Real Est.Tax'n Journal of Real Estate Taxation
J.Space L. Journal of Space Law
J.Tax'n  Journal of Taxation
Judicature Judicature
Jurimetrics J. Jurimetrics Journal
Juv.Ct. Juvenile Court

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