Legal Abbreviations: I


Abbrev. Meaning
I.C. Idaho Code; Indiana Code; Iowa Code
ICA Iowa Code Annotated
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
I.C.C.Prac.J. I.C.C. Practitioner's Journal
IDA International Development Association
Idaho Idaho Reports
Idaho L.J. Idaho Law Journal
Idaho L.Rev. Idaho Law Review
IHS Indian Health Service
Ill. Illinois Reports
Ill.2d  Illinois Reports, Second Series
Ill.Ann.Stat. Smith-Hurd Illinois Annotated Statutes
Ill.App. Illinois Appellate Court Reports
Ill.App.2d Illinois Appellate Court Reports, Second Series
Ill.App.3d Illinois Appellate Court Reports, Third Series
Ill.B.J. Illinois Bar Journal
Ill.C.C. Illinois Circuit Court
Ill.Ct.Cl. Illinois Court of Claims Reports
Ill.Dec. Illinois Decisions
Ill.L.B. Illinois Law Bulletin
Ill.L.Q. Illinois Law Quarterly
Ill.L.Rev. Illinois Law Review
Ill.Rev.St. Illinois Revised Statutes
IMF International Monetary Fund
I. & N.Dec. Immigration and Nationality Decisions
Inc. Incorporated
Ind. Indiana Reports
Ind. & Lab.Rel.Rev. Industrial and Labor Relations Review
Ind.App. Indiana Court of Appeals Reports
Ind.Code.Ann. Annotated Indiana Code
Ind.Leg.Forum Indiana Legal Forum
Ind.L.J. Indiana Law Journal
Ind.L.Reg. Indiana Legal Register
Ind.L.Rep. Indiana Law Reporter
Ind.L.Rev. Indiana Law Review
Ind.Super. Indiana Superior Court Reports (Wilson)
Ind.T. Indian Territory
Ind.T.Ann.St. Indian Territory Annotated Statutes
Indus.L.J. Industrial Law Journal
Indus.L.Rev. Industrial Law Review
Indus. & Lab.Rel.Rev. Industrial and Labor Relations Review
INS Immigration and Naturalization Service
Ins.L.J. Insurance Law Journal
Inst. Institute
Int.Com.Commn. Interstate Commerce Commission
Int.Com.Rep. Interstate Commerce Reports
Inter Alia Inter Alia (State Bar of Nevada)
INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization
Interst.Com.R. Interstate Commerce Reports
Int.L.N. International Law Notes
Int.Rev.Bull. Internal Revenue Bulletin
Int.Rev.Code Internal Revenue Code
Int'l & Comp.L.Q. International & Comparative Law Quarterly
Int'l J.L. & Psychiatry International Journal of Law and Psychiatry
In'l Law. International Lawyer
Int'l Rev.L. & Econ. International Review of Law and Economics
Int'l Tax & Bus.Law. International Tax & Business Lawyer
Iowa Iowa Reports
Iowa B.News Bull. Bulletin of the Iowa State Bar Association
Iowa L.B. Iowa Law Bulletin
Iowa L.Rev. Iowa Law Review
IRA Individual Retirement Account
I.R.B. Internal Revenue Bulletin
I.R.C. Internal Revenue Code
I.R.S. Internal Revenue Service; Illinois Revised Statutes
ITA International Trade Administration

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