Legal Abbreviations: H


Abbrev. Meaning
Hamline J.Pub.L. & Pol'y Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy
Hamline L.Rev. Hamline Law Review
Harv.C.R.-C.L.L.Rev. Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review
Harv.Envtl.L.Rev. Harvard Environmental Law Review
Harv.Intl.L.J. Harvard International Law Journal
Harv.J.L. & Pub.Pl'y Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy
Harv.J.L. & Tech. Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
Harv.J. on Legis. Harvard Journal on Legislation
Harv.L.Rev. Harvard Law Review
Harv.Women's L.J. Harvard Women's Law Journal
Hastings Const.L.Q. Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly
Hastings Int'l & Comp.L.Rev. Hastings International and Comparative Law Review
Hastings L.J. Hastings Law Journal
Haw. Hawaii Reports
Haw.App. Hawaii Appellate Reports
Haw.B.J. Hawaii Bar Journal
Haw.Rev.Stat. Hawaii Revised Statutes
H.B. House Bill
H.Bl. Henry Blackstone's English Common Pleas Reports
HCFA Health Care Financial Administration
HHS Department of Health and Human Services
High Tech.L.J. High Technology Law Journal
Hofstra L.Rev. Hofstra Law Review
Hofstra Lab.L.J. Hofstra Labor Law Journal
Hous.J.Int'l L. Houston Journal of International Law
Hous.L.Rev. Houston Law Review
Hous.Law. Houston Lawyer
How. Howard, U.S. Supreme Court Reports
How.L.J. Howard Law Journal
HRS Hawaii Revised Statutes
HSA Health Services Administration
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
Hum.Rts.Ann. Human Rights Annual
Hurd's Rev.St. Hurd's Revised Statutes, Ill.

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