Legal Abbreviations: G


Abbrev. Meaning
Ga. Georgia Reports
GAAP Generally accepted accounting principles
Ga.App. Georgia Appeals Reports
Ga.B.J. Georgia Bar Journal
Ga.Code Ann. Code of Georgia Annotated
Ga.Dec. Georgia Decisions
Ga.J.Int'l & Comp.L. Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law
Ga.L.J. Georgia Law Journal
Ga.L.Rev. Georgia Law Review
Ga.L.Rep. Georgia Law Reporter
GAO General Accounting Office
Ga.St.B.J. Georgia State Bar Journal
Ga.St.U.L.Rev. Georgia State University Law Review
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
Gavel Gavel-Milwaukee Bar Assoc.
Gen.Assem. General Assembly
Gen.Dig.U.S. General Digest of the United States
Gen.Laws General Laws
Gen.St. General Statutes
Geo.Immigr.L.J. Georgetown Immigration Law Journal
Geo.L.J. Georgetown Law Journal
Geo.Mason U.L.Rev. George Mason University Law Review
Geo.Wash.J.Int'l & Econ. George Washington Journal of International Law and Economics
Geo.Wash.L.Rev. George Washington Law Review
Glendale L.Rev. Glendale Law Review
GMU L.Rev. George Mason University Law Review
GNMA Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae)
GNP Gross National Product
Golden Gate U.L.Rev. Golden Gate University Law Review
Gov't Government
Gonz.L.Rev. Gonzaga Law Review
GPO Government Printing Office
GSA General Services Administration

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