Legal Abbreviations: D


Abbrev. Meaning
D. District Court (federal)
Dak. Dakota Reports (Territorial)
Dak.L.Rev. Dakota Law Reporter
Dall. Dallas, U.S. Supreme Court Reports
d.b.a. doing business as
D.C. District of Columbia; District Court, U.S.
D. & C. District and County, Pa.
D. & C.2d District and County, Second Series, Pa.
D.C.App. District of Columbia Appeals
D.C.B.J. District of Columbia Bar Journal
D.C.C.E. District of Columbia Code Encyclopedia
D.C.Code Ann. District of Columbia Code Annotated
D.C.Cr. District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S.
D.C.Mun.App. Municipal Court of Appeals, D.C.
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
Def.Couns.J. Defense Counsel Journal
De. Delaware Reports
Del.Ch. Delaware Chancery Reports
Del.Code Ann. Delaware Code Annotated
Del.County Delaware County Reports
Del.J.Corp.L. Delaware Journal of Corporate Law
Del.Law Delaware Lawyer
Del.Term R. Delaware Term Reports
Den.J.Int'l L. & Pol'y Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
Den.L.J. Denver Law Journal
Den.U.L.Rev. Denver University Law Review
Denver L.N. Denver Legal News
De Paul Bus.L.J. De Paul Business Law Journal
De Paul L.Rev. De Paul Law Review
Det.C.L.Rev. Detroit College Law Review
Det.C.L.Rev. Detroit College Law Review
Det.L.J. Detroit Law Journal
Detroit Law. Detroit Lawyer
Detroit Leg.N. Detroit Legal News
Detroit L.Rev. Detroit Law Review
Dick.J.Int'l L. Dickinson Journal of International Law
Dick.L.Rev. Dickinson Law Review
Dig. Digest
Dist.Ct. District Court (state)
Dist.Ct.App. District Court of Appeals(s)
DOD Department of Defense
DOE Department of Energy
Dom.Rel.Ct. Domestic Relations Court
DOT Department of Transportation
Drake L.Rev. Drake Law Review
Duke L.J. Duke Law Journal
Duq.L.Rev. Duquesne Law Review

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