Legal Abbreviations: C


Abbrev. Meaning
C. California Reports (Supreme Court).
C.2d California Reports, Second Series
C.3d California Reports, Third Series
C.A. California Appeals, U.S.; California Appellate Reports
C.A.2d California Appellate Reports, Second Series 
C.A.3d California Appellate Reports, Third Series
C.A.Supp. California Appellate Reports, Supplement
C.A.2d Supp. California Appellate Reports, Second Series Supplement
C.A.3d Supp. California Appellate Reports, Third Series Supplement
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board
Cal. California Reports (Supreme Court)
Cal.2d California Reports, Second Series
Cal.3d California Reports, Third Series
Cal.App. California Appellate Reports
Cal.App.2d California Appellate Reports, Second Series
Cal.App.3d California Appellate Reports, Third Series
Cal.App.Supp. California Appellate Reports, Supplement
Cal.APp.2d Supp. California Appellate Reports Supplement, Second Series
Cal.App.3d Supp. California Appellate Reports Supplement, Third Series
Cal.Code California Code
Cal.Dec. California Decisions
Cal.Law. California Lawyer
Cal.L.Rev. California Law Review
Cal.Rptr. California Reporter
Cal.St.B.J. California State Bar Journal
Cal.Unrep California Unreported Cases
Cal.W.Int'l  L.J. California Western International Law Journal
Cal.W.L.Rev. California Western Law Review
Calif.L.Rev. California Law Review
Calif.L.Rev. California Law Review
Cap.U.L.Rev. Capital University Law Review
Cardozo Arts & Ent.L.J. Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal
Cardozo L.Rev. Cardozo Law Review
Case & Com. Case and Comment
Case W.Res.L.Rev. Case Western Reserve Law Review
Cath.Law Catholic Lawyer
Cath.U.L.Rev. Catholic University Law Review
C.B. Cumulative Bulletin (of Internal Revenue Service).
CBA Record Chicago Bar Association Record
CBO Congressional Budget Office
C.C. Circuit Court, U.S.
C.C.A. Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S.
CCC Commodity Credit Corporation
CCH Commerce Clearing House
C.C.P. Code of Civil Procedure; Code of Criminal Procedure
C.C.P.A. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
CCR Commission on Civil Rights
C.D. Current Digest, American Digest System; Certificate of Deposit
CDC Centers for Disease Control
Cent.Dig. Century Digest
Cert. denied Certiorari denied
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Corporation
C.G.S.A. Connecticut General Statutes Annotated
Ch. Chancery (Court or Division of Court)
Chicago Bar Rec. Chicago Bar Record
Chi.-Kent L.Rev. Chicago-Kent Law Review
Chicago L.B. Chicago Law Bulletin
Chicago L.J. Chicago Law Journal
Chicago L.Rec. Chicago Law Record
Chicago L.T. Chicago Law Times
Chi.Leg.N. Chicago Legal News
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIC Consumer Information Center
Cin.L.Rev. Cincinnati Law Review
Cir. Circuit Court of Appeals (federal)
Cir.Ct Circuit Court (state)
Cir.Ct.App. Circuit Court of Appeals(s) (state)
Cir.Ct.Rule Circuit Court Rule
Civ.App. Court of Civil Appeals; Civil Appeals Reports
Civ.Code Civil Code
Civ.Code Practice Civil Code of Practice
Civ.Prac.Act Civil Practice Act
Civ.Stat. Civil Statutes
C.J. Corpus Juris; Chief Judge
C.J.S. Corpus Juris Secundum (legal encyclopedia)
Cl. Clause
Cl.Ct. Claims Court, U.S.
C.Leg.Rec. California Legal Record
Clev.B.J. Cleveland Bar Journal
Clev.Law Rec. Cleveland Law Recorder, Ohio
Clev.Law Rep. Cleveland Law Reporter, Ohio
Clev.St.L.Rev. Cleveland State Law Review
Clev.-Mar.L.Rev. Cleveland State Law Review
Clev.-Mar.L.Rev. Cleveland-Marshall Law Review
C.L.J. California Law Journal
C.L.R. California Law Review
C.M.A. Court of Military Appeals
C.M.R. Court-Martial Reports; Court of Military Review
Code Civ.Proc. Code of Civil Procedure
Code Cr.Proc. Code of Criminal Procedure
Code Gen.Laws Code of General Laws
Code Prac. Code of Practice
Code Proc. Code of Procedure
Code Pub.Gen.Laws Code of Public General Laws
Code Supp. Supplement to a Code
Cod.St. Codified Statutes
Colo. Colorado Reports
Colo.App. Colorado Court of Appeals Reports
Colo.Law. Colorado Lawyer
Colo.Law Rep. Colorado Law Reporter
Colum.Bus.L.Rev. Columbia Business Law Review
Colum.Hum.Rts.L.Rev. Columbia Human Rights Law Review
Colum.J.Envtl.L. Columbia Journal of Environmental Law
Colum.J.L. & Arts Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts
ColumJ.L. & Soc. Probs. Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems
Colum.J.Transnat'l L. Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
Colum.L.Rev. Columbia Law Review
Col.L.B. Commercial Law Bulletin
Com.L.J. Commercial Law Journal
Comm. Commentaries; Commissioner, Communciation
Comm.Ct. Commerce Court
Comm'r Commissioner
Commw.Ct. Commonwealth Court
Commw.Ct. Commonwealth Court
Comp.Gen. Comptroller General (U.S.)
Comp.Gen.Laws Compiled General Laws
Comp.Lab.L.J. Comparative Labor Law Journal
Comp.Laws Compiled Laws
Comp.St. Compiled Statutes
Comptr.Treas.Dec. Comptroller Treasury Decisions
Computer L.J. Computer Law Journal
Computer Law. Computer Lawyer
Cong. Congress; Congressional
Cong.Dig. Congressional Digest
Cong.Rec. Congressional Record
Conn. Connecticut Reports
Conn.App. Connecticut Appellate Reports
Conn.B.J. Connecticut Bar Journal
Conn.Cir. Connecticut Circuit Court Reports
Conn.J.Int'l L. Connecticut Journal of International Law
Conn.L.Rev. Connecticul Law Review
Conn.Prob.L.J. Connecticut Probate Law Journal
Conn.Supp. Connecticut Supplement
Conn.Surr. Connecticut Surrogate
Const. Constitution
Con.St. Consolidated Statutes
Const.Amend. Amendment to Constitution
Const.U.S. Amend. Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
Cooley L.Rev. Cooley Law Review
Copy.Bull Copyright Bulletin
Copy.Dec. Copyright Decisions
Copyright L.Symp. (ASCAP) Copyright Law Symposium
Cornell L.F. Cornell Law Forum
 Cornell Int'l L.J. Cornell International Law Journal
Cornell L.J. Cornell Law journal
Cornell L.Q. Cornell Law Quarterly
Cornell L.Rev. Cornell Law Review
Corp. Corporation
Corp.L.Rev. Corporation Law Review
C.P. Common Pleas
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission
Cr.Act Criminal Act
Cranch Cranch, U.S. Supreme Court Reports
Cranch. C.C. Cranch's Circuit Court, U.S.
Cranch, Pat.Dec. Cranch's Patent Decisions, U.S.
Cr.Code Criminal Code
Creighton L.Rev. Creighton Law Review
Crim.App. Court of Criminal Appeals
Crim.Justice Q. Criminal Justice Quarterly
Crim.L.Bull. Criminal Law Bulletin
Crim.L.J. Criminal Law Journal
Crim.L.Rev. Criminal Law Review
Crim.L.Rptr. Criminal Law Reporter
Crim.L.Q. Criminal Law Quarterly
Crim.Rpts. Criminal Reports
Cr.Prac.Act Criminal Practice Act
Cr.Proc.Act Criminal Procedure Act
C.R.S.  Colorado Revised Statutes
Cr.St. Criminal Statutes
CSC Civil Service Commission
Ct. Court
Ct.App. Court of Appeal(s) (state)
Ct.Cl. Court of Claims, U.S.
Ct.Cust.App. Court of Errors and Appeals
Ct.Err. & App. Court of Errors and Appeals
Ct.Int'l Trade Court of International Trade
Ct.Rev. Court Review (American Judges Assoc.)
C.U. California Unreported Cases
Cumb.L.J. Cumberland Law Journal, Ja.
Cumb.L.Rev. Cumberland Law Review
Cumb.-Sam.L.Rev. Cumberland-Samford Law Review
Current Ct.Dec. Current Court Decisions
Current Legal Probs. Current Legal Problems
Cust.A. United States Customs Appeals
Cust.B. & Dec. Customs Bulletin and Decisions
Cust.Ct. Customs Court
C.W.L.R. California Western Law Review

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