Legal Abbreviations: A


Abbrev. Meaning
A. Atlantic Reporter
A.2d Atlantic Reporter Second Series
AALS Association of American Law Schools
A.B.A. American Bar Association
A.B.A.J. American Bar Association Journal
Abr. Abridgment
ACCA Docket Journal of American Corporate Counsel Association
ADEA Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Adj.Sess. Adjourned Session
Ad.L. Administrative Law
Ad.L.B. Administrative Law Bulletin
Ad.L.News Administrative Law News
Adm. Administration; Administrative
Admin.L.Rev. Administrative Law Review
AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children
Aff'd Affirmed
Aff'g Affirming
AFTR American Federal Tax Reports
A.F.L.Rev. Air Force Law Review
aka also known as
Akron L.Rev. Akron Law Review
Akron Tax J. Akron Tax Journal
Ala. Alabama Reports
Ala.App. Alabama Appellate Court
Ala.Civ.App. Alabama Civil Appeals
Ala.Code Code of Alabama
Ala.Cr.App. Alabama Criminal Appeals
Ala.L.J. Alabama Law Journal
Ala.L.Rev. Alabama Law Review
Ala.Law Alabama Lawyer
Alaska Alaska Reports
Alaska L.Rev. Alaska Law Review
Alaska Stat. Alaska Statutes
Alb.L.Rev. Albany Law Review
ALI American Law Institute
A.L.J. Administrative Law Judge
A.L.R. American Law Reports
A.L.R.2d American Law Reports, Second Series
A.L.R.3d American Law Reports, Third Series
Am.Bankr.L.J. American Bankruptcy Law Journal
Am.Bankr.Rep. American Bankruptcy Reports
Am.Bankr.Rep.N.S. American Bankruptcy Reports, New Series
Am.Bus.L.J. American Business Law Journal
Am.Crim.L.Rev. American Criminal Law Review
Am.Indian L.Rev. American Indian Law Review
A.M.C. American Maritime Cases
Am.Dec. American Decisions
Am.Dig. American Digest
Amend. Amendment
Am.J.Int.L. American Journal of International Law
Am.J.L. & Med. American Journal of Law & Medicine
Am.Law Inst. American Law Institute, Restatement of the Law
Am.Law J. American Law Journal
Am.Law Rev. American Law Review
Am.R. American Reports
Am.St.R. American State Reports
Am.U.L.Rev. American University Law Review
Ann. Annual; Annotated
Ann.Cas. American and English Annotated Cases
Ann.Code Annotated Code
Anno. Annotated
Ann.St. Annotated Statutes
Ann.Surv.Am.L. Annual Survey of American Law
Ann.Surv.Mass.L. Annual Survey of Massachusetts Law
Antioch L.J. Antioch Law Journal
Antitrust L.J. Antitrust Law Journal
APA Administrative Procedures Act
App. Appendix; Court of Appeals
App.Dept. Appellate Department
App.Div. Appellate Division
Arb.J. Arbitration Journal
Ariz. Arizona Reports
Ariz.App. Arizona Appeals Reports
Ariz.Atty. Arizona Attorney
Ariz.B.J. Arizona Bar Journal
Ariz.L.Rev. Arizona Law Review
Ariz.St.L.J. Arizona State Law Journal
Ark. Arkansas Reports
Ark.L.Rev. Arkansas Law Review
Ark.Stats. Arkansas Statutes
A.R.S. Arizona Revised Statutes
AS Alaska Statutes
A.T.L.A.J. American Trial Lawyers Association Journal
Att'y Gen. Attorney General
Att'y Gen.Rep. United STates Attorney General's Reports

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