INSTRUCTIONS:  3.17. Quit Social Security and Rescind the Socialist Security Number
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The Socialist Security Number is the key to the government’s control over you.  It is the mark of the beast.  If you can get rid of that number and your participation in their socialist program, you will be in an offensive position.  The most frequent question we hear from our readers is: “How can I quit the system?”  You can use our free Resignation of Compelled Social Security Trustee document to do that, which is below:

If you don't like our Resignation of Compelled Social Security Trustee Document or want other alternatives, then other additional methods are also available using government form.  How you exit the system by approved government methods depends on your citizenship status.  If you are a “U.S. citizen” (BAD IDEA!), IRS form 4029 is the form to use in order to initiate your exit from their system.  This form allows you to terminate all taxes and contributions to the Social Security system, but you can only do it for religious reasons and when you do it, you surrender your right to collect any future benefits.  We have this form online in our Sovereignty Forms and Instructions Online under form 4.26.  The direct link is below:

If you are a “national” or a “state national” as a person born within and domiciled within a state of the Union, then you aren’t under federal law and you should be able to lawfully terminate payroll deductions for Social Security or Medicare by submitting a W-8BEN form form to your private employer at any time.  See:

Furthermore, any tax paid under duress is refundable, and this includes Social Security insurance premiums, so if you quit their system, you can sue for a refund of back taxes.  Here is what Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Vol. II, Third Revision, Eighth Edition, 1914, pp. 3230-3238 says on the subject of refunds for taxes paid under duress:

"Income tax:  In order to invoke the powers of a court of equity to restrain the collection of illegal taxes, the case must be brought within the well recognized foundations of equitable jurisdiction [* * *] and it must clearly appear not only that the tax is illegal, but that the property owner has no adequate remedy at law, and that there are special circumstances bringing the case under some recognized head of equity jurisdiction…” [Cites omitted.]

“Taxes become a lien on property only by statute…”

“Taxes illegally assessed and paid may always be recovered back, if the collector understands from the payor that the taxes are regarded as illegal and that suit will be instituted to compel the refunding of them; Erskine v. Van Arsdale, 15 Wall. (U.S.) 75, 21 L.Ed. 63, a case of internal revenue taxes.”

“Where a state official receives money for a tax paid under duress with notice of its illegality, he has no right to it and the name of the state does not protect him from suit; Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. O'Connor, 223 U.S. 280, 32 Sup.Ct. 216, 56 L.Ed. 436, Ann.Cas. 1913C, 1050."

"The rule is firmly established that taxes voluntarily paid cannot be recovered back, and payments with knowledge and without compulsion are voluntary; when paid under protest or with notice of suit, a recovery may, on occasion, be had, although, generally speaking, even protest or notice will not avail if the payment be made voluntarily, with full knowledge, and without any coercion by the actual or threatened exercise of power possessed, or supposed to be possessed, over person or property, from which there is no means of immediate relief than payment; Chesebrough v. United States, 192 U.S. 253, 24 Sup.Ct. 262, 48 L.Ed. 432 (purchase of war revenue stamps for deed without protest or notice)."

The key is proving you were under duress.  Section 3.4.1 covers this subject in detail.

If you try to use the W-8BEN form to stop withholding of ALL taxes, some ignorant employers will not honor this form, and if they do, you will need to meet with their legal counsel and try to educate him or her as we suggest in section  If education doesn’t help to change their mind, then the next alternative you have is to go independent and contract yourself out so you handle your own pay and benefits.  If that doesn’t work, as a last resort, you may need to sue your employer for violation of your property rights and conspiracy to commit grand theft under state law in the state that you work if they are a private employer or in federal court if they are a federal employer.