FORMS: 4.15 Letter to County Assessor to Remove SSN From Your Real Property
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This letter is intended to be sent to your County Assessor to to remove the Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID Number from your real property.  Send this letter after you have expatriated your U.S.** citizenship, so that you no longer have a valid SSN.


<<CITY>>, <<STATE>> <<ZIP>>










<<CITY>>, <<STATE>>  <<ZIP>>

Attn:  _______________________


Subject:  Removal of Invalid SSN from my Real Property for parcel number __________________

Dear Mr./Ms.__________________,

This letter is being sent to request that you modify your records about my real property registered in the records of _________County as follows:


City:________________  State______  Zip Code:_______________

Parcel number:__________________________

The change I would like reflected in your records about the above property is that the Social Security Number registered to the holder of the title to the property is invalid and should be removed.  The invalid number that needs to be removed is as follows:


The owner, who is me, has no such SSN and your records are mistaken.  Please promptly correct your records and notify me when you have complied with my request.  Please do not contact me about obtaining the correct number, even if it is to offer me a credit or money bonus for providing a number, as I have no such number and do not intend on obtaining one ever for any reason. 

Thank you kindly for your prompt and courteous assistance.

Very Sincerely,




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