• The federal government of the United States has no "police powers" inside states of the Union
  • Taxation under Subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code is a police power
  • Because the federal government has no "police powers" inside states of the Union, the terms "State" and "United States" as used in most federal statutes means a federal "State" and the federal "United States", which are part of the federal zone
  • The term "United States" has three distinct definitions according to the U.S. Supreme Court as revealed in the case of Hooven and Allison v. Evatt, 324 U.S. 652 (1945).  Which of these three definitions applies in each specific case where it is used in our laws depends on the context and the subjective whims of the court and lawyers interpreting it.  This has created confusion throughout the courts and the legal profession on the issue of federal jurisdiction.  This confusion is a deliberate violation of Fifth Amendment due process intended to illegally extend federal jurisdiction beyond the clear intent of the founding fathers.  It has also transformed us into a society of men instead of law, and undermined our liberties and rights.  Most of the deliberate confusion appearing in our tax laws and the violation of due process resulting from this confusion results from incorrect interpretation of the term "United States" in the context of citizenship and residency.  Most Americans are blissfully unfamiliar with the subtle distinctions made by lawyers in our laws when this term is used. Our government benefits financially from a corrupted and improperly enforced income tax law by keeping Americans ignorant about their citizenship status and constitutional rights and by promoting this ignorance by mismanaging our public schools.
  • Each of the 50 states of the United States of America  are considered sovereign nations under the law of nations, and persons born in these sovereign states are "nationals" of their respective state, and by implication, the country called the "United States"
  • Most persons born in one of the 50 union states are not "U.S. citizens", but are "nationals" under federal statutes and "acts of Congress" and are not the subject nor the object of the Internal Revenue Code.  Furthermore, the term "United States" as used in the term " national of the United Statesl" implies the "United States of America" and not the federal "United States".
  • The only reason the U.S. government wants to make you into a "U.S. citizen" is so that they can make you subject to the jurisdiction of the federal courts.  Once they make you subject to the jurisdiction of these courts, the corrupt judges in them will do everything in their power to illegally enforce the income tax and will be rewarded for doing so by being granted "official immunity" by their golf and country club buddies in the Supreme Court and appellate court.
  • The term "United States" as used in the Internal Revenue Code means the federal United States, which includes only those entitles listed under Title 48 of the U.S. Code plus the District of Columbia plus enclaves within the states owned by the U.S. government.  These areas collectively are referred to as the "federal zone" throughout our Great IRS Hoax book.
  • Because of the above, the "Internal" in the phrase "Internal Revenue Code" really means "Internal to the federal United States", which includes the territories listed under Title 48 of the U.S. Code
  • If the average American fills any kind of tax form out, it ought to be a 1040NR form and it ought to contain all zeros for "income", because most "income" comes from outside of the federal "United States".  Furthermore, even if he had "income" from the federal United States such as a Social Security check, it would not be "income" as we point out in section 5.6.6 of the Great IRS Hoax book because it would not be profit made by a corporation, which is the only Constitutional type of "income" as defined by the Supreme Court.
  • When we fill out any kind of government form that asks us our citizenship status, we should expect that the government will try to create a false presumption that we are "U.S. citizens" on the form, even though there is no statute allowing or authorizing them to do this.  Therefore, we should modify or correct every government form we fill out to replace every instance of "U.S. citizen" with "national".  This includes:  Applications for naturalization, passports, jury summons, and voter registration as a bare minimum.
  • We need not be concerned about penalties associated with failure to provide an SSN on a passport application, since there are no implementing regulations authorizing such penalties.  The warning on the DS-11 form is bogus and should be disregarded.  It is a FRAUD with a capital "F".
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