We The People Rally-April 15, 2002
On April 15, 2002, a large delegation of representatives from the 50 states gathered in Washington D.C. as part of a We the People demonstration protesting the illegal collection of federal income taxes.  On this day, they hand delivered irrefutable evidence proving the federal income tax is a fraud to all Senators and Representatives in both houses of Congress.  Below is a gathering of these individuals at the Washington Monument for a photograph of this historic event.  Bob Shulz appears behind the yellow sign on the right.  For further details, go to:


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From the meeting, me holding the "M" in Mister at the beginning. Washington Monument in background. Several media people took photos but I didn't catch their names of their publications.Met your friend Himes from Fairbanks. He said "So you are the one Jeff talks about from South Carolina. I said  "Probably, but its North Carolina". We agreed you are a "pretty good guy". Just got in from the meeting and give out. Probably walked 20+ miles delivering the packets to the congressional "crooks". Kentucky office threw our people out and called the police.California reps, Joe Banister etc., heard about it and they went over to the Kentucky office for a second attempt and they threw them out also! Another office from California, Rep. Bunting I believe, refused to accept anything. As a whole most of them went well. Bob says he is going to "strongly" address the Kentucky office. I got all mine in NC served. Bob says if they don't answer before June more stringent action will follow. Hittin' the sack, later dude.
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