Stop Talking and DO Something-August 25, 2002

Stop Talking and Do Something

We Will Drive Together to DC
and Deliver Our Warning:

This Nation Has a Constitution.
Our Government WILL Obey It.

Details Released for the Freedom Drive
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For three years, this Foundation has been unsuccessful in its numerous attempts to get our servant government to respond to formal petitions for redress of grievances regarding well documented accusations challenging the legal authority and jurisdiction of the US Government to enforce an income tax upon the People of this nation.

From any perspective, the utter defiance of our government to answer the People's repeated, respectful and well-documented petitions is, by definition, TYRANNY.

Our government's failure to publicly establish their legal authority in this, the most basic, intrusive and significant of all governmental powers - the power to tax - was the cause of our first revolution, and it may well be the cause of a second.

These despotic acts cannot be allowed to go unchallenged by a free People.

Tyranny is not some "concept" from the history books. It is not some "philosophy" of political existence. It is real. It is alive. It has dared to raise its head again.

Unless repelled by peaceful means still available to us, it will proceed unchecked until the light of freedom fades forever from this nation.

This is the core truth: The sheer availability and centralization of tax money in our federal Capital has distorted, perverted and corrupted the core design and processes of our constitutional republic, our political system and our social order.

This money has provided one-stop shopping for corporations, financial interests and political operatives to feast at the federal tax trough. Indeed, no sin against the People is too great to fulfill the machinations of Washington's chosen to control life itself for all Americans and bestow favor and influence on those that pay tribute to them.

We The People of this country have paid the price. We have lost our rights. We have lost our property. We have been enslaved to a system of money predicated upon debt. We have lost the right to defend our families or ourselves. We have lost the right to due process. We have lost the right to keep the fruits of our labor - our property. Our states have effectively devolved into mere "departments" of a federal bureaucracy. Our communities are endlessly plagued with social decay and disorder.

Our families falter under staggering tax bills and debt loads. Our nation is going to war without a vote - a declaration of war - by our representatives. They pass a "Patriot" act that strips our rights even further.

With the government's permission bankers, insurers and government agencies monitor us without limit, and without a warrant based on probable cause. They track every nickel we spend, every asset we possess, every phone call we make and every internet site we view. We have a federal ID number that is required to buy, sell or travel upon a public road. Even our churches are "prohibited" from engaging in public dialogues on these serious "political" matters without risking their tax-exempt "license" from the IRS.

And now, despite the plain language of the very 1st Amendment to the Constitution - our government has defiantly denied us our right to petition our servant government.

This single act ought to send shivers through every citizen of this nation. This single Amendment clause is what explicitly insures that government always remains subservient and responsive to the sovereign People.

The final, public proof of despotism has now been laid bare for all to see.

Our nation is in grave danger - but it is not foreign "terrorists" we should fear.

History records that there are very few moments where one's duty cannot be made clearer.

We are now at such a moment.


As the Declaration clearly states, it is We The People that possess the ultimate power as Creation's children to alter the form of our servant government at our sole discretion. It is time to proclaim, reclaim and exercise this divine right.

It is time for the talk to end. It is time for the lobbying to end. It is time for bureaucratic maze-walking to end. It is time for impotent legal actions to cease. It is time for well intentioned rights groups and fledgling political movements to end their disorganized and ineffective flailing.

We must face these facts: Our elected representatives ignore our pleas and petitions. Our courts provide no justice. The corporate controlled media pretend we aren't there. Our political system is beyond repair. Our elected leaders and bureaucratic agencies have little stomach for the changes the People demand to return this nation to Constitutional order. In short, the institutions and vehicles of tyranny will not retreat unless, and until, they are compelled to.

It is time for a show of force. Our force. It is government's turn to fear the People.

It is time for individuals, rights groups, veterans, homemakers, farmers, business owners, students and every citizen across this nation to DO SOMETHING and employ a cohesive strategy based upon force. It is time to publicly declare our loyalties, stand together and move in unison. It is time to reveal the true power of We The People.

It is time to send a message. It is time to send a "shot across the bow" of the pirate ship "USS Tyranny." It is time to DEMAND FREEDOM.

Every rights group, every person that has ever complained about the "system" or the "injustices" or the lawyers or the bankers needs to "put-up" or "shut-up." This is not about "left" or "right." It is not about parties or elections or liberal or conservative. It is not about a particular right. This is not about waiting until my organization or party passes the "right law" or gets the "right person" elected.

This is a profound moment when we must ask whether we are still a nation founded and operated under the rule of law and divine right or we are nation of political expediency and corporate favor.

This is about whether we side with the views of law professors from Harvard that proclaim that we "We have NO unalienable rights" that the Constitution is "merely a piece of paper" and that "Government should not be restrained because it can do good things for people."

This is about whether ANY of us today live in a nation still ruled by a written Constitution.

Do we have a Constitution or not?

The risk posed to We The People by the realities we are exposing far surpasses ANY threat that can possibly be posed by ANY political ideology, foreign force, electoral outcome or "act of terrorism."

This is about ALL of us coming together as we never have before, and should never have to again. The Republic is broken and failing quickly. This may be among our last, practical peaceful options.

The Freedom Drive has been conceived and birthed for all the People and every freedom aligned organization to rally around. It is non-political. It is non-issue. It is public. It is big. It is designed to be a peaceful, substantial show of popular force that the media and government cannot ignore -- and only do so at their own peril.


If you've got a better idea - GO DO IT.

If you can't afford a few hours or days off work to save this nation and your children's unalienable rights - live with the future you get.

If you think you need to wait for your stocks to recover before you will contribute - get ready to explain to your grandchildren how we lost our freedom.

If you think you can elect some person or pass some law that will magically fix these problems - we're not waiting. We cannot "vote" our way out of this problem.

If you're too scared to be a real American - we understand - it's a whole lot easier to wave a flag, isn't it?


We either exercise our remaining rights, in unison, en masse, or we will perish as a free nation and the last significant flame of freedom on this planet will be forever extinguished.

Ultimately, nothing of this Earth is more important than individual freedom. It is a divine gift, it is the basis for a just and spiritual social order and it is the impetus behind all things of man that are righteous and good. As those who have passed in its defense know, it is worth everything.

The Freedom Drive must become a priority in your life. Help us unfurl our collective force in Washington on Thursday, November 14th.


  1. The Constitution is more than a piece of paper. The People will not let it become a dead letter.
  2. None of the unalienable rights of the People are subject to modification or seizure by the government.
  3. The government is limited by the words of a written Constitution. These limitations and words are not open to interpretation or negotiation except by modification of the Constitution.
  4. There are legions of People who will now stand to defend their Rights, Liberties and Freedoms and the essential principles of "popular sovereignty" and "government of, by and for the People."
  5. After being summarily ignored, the People now understand it is their duty to meet force with force to defend against the government's unconstitutional attempts to seize power from them.
  6. Our elected leaders have a moral, ethical and legal duty to uphold our Constitution and their oaths of office. They ignore these clear and unambiguous legal duties at their own risk and at the risk of this nation's future. We The People will hold them accountable.


  1. Commit to drive to DC and exercise the force that inherently belongs to the People. Publicly declare your commitment and sign-up on the website. Tell us (briefly) WHY you are "taking the drive." Your comments will be displayed for all to see. Make your plans. Get your affairs in order.
  2. Make everyone aware of this crisis: your church, your co-workers, your family, your neighbors. Spread the word. Distribute flyers. Learn the details. Hammer the media.
  3. Join the WTP Congress. We need a functioning organization to effectively mobilize and coordinate our force. There is much to do before the Drive in November. We need those with energy, organizational skills, media contacts, management abilities, financial resources, creative gifts, social networks and a pure unadulterated thirst for freedom to join us and lead the Drive.
  4. Commit your organization. Get your corporation, church, business, synagogue, union -- any organization that cares about freedom -- to publicly sponsor the Freedom Drive. (See the sign-up page.) Sponsor a few employees - donate vacation time to a pool so that others can take time off and go to DC. Publicize it in your company newsletters, talk about it from the pulpit, allow people that come to your building to put flyers in your employee's mailboxes. Declare your public support to your customers large and small.
  5. PLEASE contribute money. This is an incredible, nationwide undertaking. No matter how many people we have to help, at some point - there is no substitute for money. We need to purchase large amounts of advertising, billboards, radio commercials, internet ads, etc. We trust you will judge both this Foundation's proven record, as well as the personal commitment and demonstrated sacrifices of Bob Schulz in determining whether we have delivered value for your investment in freedom. Let your dollars do things you could not do alone. Let you dollars tread where you might not.

THE DETAILS: Freedom Drive 2002

Freedom Drive 2002 will commence Veterans' Day weekend this November on the West Coast and arrive in DC at noon, on Thursday, November 14th.

New details of the Freedom Drive route, rally cities, schedule details are now available.

Individual drivers and organization sponsors can all sign up from our main Freedom Drive information page.

Click Here to go to the Main Freedom Drive information page.

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