More Defiance Brewing-August 21, 2002

More Defiance Brewing
Larken Rose: "Please Prosecute Me."

As reported before, on June 17th, Bob Schulz told the government: "No more. Enough is enough. No answers, no taxes."

Schulz sent the IRS a letter publicly announcing his personal convictions and decision to terminate his filing of income tax returns and his decision to stop paying the tax.

Now comes Larken Rose, author of an articulate website on IRC code section "861" openly taunting the government to prosecute him for failure to file. Rose has documented exhaustively that the laws -- as written -- exempt ALL domestic income from taxation.

In his open letter to government officials that is being widely disseminated, Rose begins:


"Dear Federal Government,


I, Larken Rose, have not filed a federal income tax return for 1997 or any subsequent year. This is not because I am protesting any law, or because I do not want to pay my 'fair share;' it is because I refuse to be a victim of the biggest financial fraud in history. I also refuse to remain silent while government lawyers illegally defraud my fellow Americans."


Rose continues, (after some discussion of section 861)


"I will not stand by and allow myself, my family and my neighbors to be extorted simply because some power-happy bureaucrats huff and puff about all the nasty things they will do to anyone who does not 'comply' with the IRS' misapplication of the law. To the DOJ and the IRS I say this: You know I am among the most vocal about this issue.

"Stop terrorizing the American public, and come get me. Make an 'example' of me. Surely if my position is 'frivolous' and completely devoid of merit, then the DOJ attorneys can easily refute my position in front of a jury, and have me convicted and imprisoned...

So take your best shot."


Although the government labels any discussion of this matter as "frivolous", questions about the statute's applicability have never been directly decided by a federal court. As with the Foundation's repeated demands for answers, IRS and DOJ also refuse to answer Rose's specific legal legal charges.

Again this Foundation asks: What is a free People to do?

Click Here to read Rose's full "Please Prosecute Me" letter.

Click Here to learn more about the Schulz "Tax Termination" package. You can receive one for a modest donation to the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education.

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