Hunger Fast Ends with No Answers, April. 3, 2003

Hunger Fast Ends With No Answers

DOJ: "We'll Answer Their Questions - By Prosecuting"
Tax Jihad Continues: Ban Free Speech

Shortly before 5 PM on the 30th day of her hunger strike (April 3rd) the front desk at Rose Lear's DC hotel called her room and informed her she had just received a several page fax.  It was from Michigan Congressman Peter Hoekstra.  It was the reply Lear had risked her life for.  

It was supposed to contain specific answers to each of the 537 "true or false" type questions about US income tax law that Lear formally served on her Congressman as a Petition for Redress of Grievances.  

Although Hoekstra, according to Lear, had specifically directed his staff to answer the questions, the final, official Congressional response to Rose Lear was simply more avoidance and tired legal drivel apparently penned by a Hoekstra congressional aide assisted by a government attorney.

The questions were not answered.    Click here to read Rep. Hoekstra's response to Rose Lear. 

After initially reading the "response" Lear initiated a heated call to Hoekstra's office and demanded to talk to the Congressman.  He was not available. 

By Thursday night, after contemplating the situation and consulting with a number of people, Rose announced to a small group of WTP supporters that she was moving toward ending her fast.

She prepared a written retort to Hoekstra's response that included documentation from the We The People Foundation showing, clearly, that the Congressional Research Service report cited in Hoekstra's "response" does not answer ANY of the 537 questions from the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing record & Petitions for Redress. 

On Friday, Lear was able to arrange a meeting and met with Rep. Hoekstra around noon and delivered her written retort. 

Although disturbed by the her representative's failure to answer the questions, Lear reported to WTP that in her Friday meeting with Hoekstra, he offered assurances that his door would remain open to Lear and that he would work with Lear to help obtain the official answers that Lear sought from the IRS and DOJ.  On March 28th, Hoekstra sent letters to IRS and DOJ requesting answers to the questions within 30 days. 

Lear remarked, it was now clear to her that "there are many on Capitol Hill that want the same answers we all do.  We are not going to stop.  These questions have to be answered."   

For the record, Lear's two Michigan Senators, Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin, refused to meet with Lear during her 30-day hunger fast

Lear now intends to take the fight back to her home state of Michigan and continue to apply pressure to elected representatives around the nation to get official answers to the Petitions for Redress.  She stated that she "fully supports the WTP initiative to stop withholding and that cutting off money was going to get their (Washington's) attention." 

Lear traveled home, through Chicago on Friday afternoon and has started to eat again.  She reported that she experienced some substantial fast-related health problems on her trip but was doing well enough to make chicken soup for herself for Saturday dinner.  Lear relayed that she wanted to thank everyone for all the support and effort expended in trying to get the questions answered. 

She also said that she had talked to her husband William, (who called from his Minnesota prison on Saturday), that he was elated that it was over but that he very supportive of Rose throughout the entire fast. 

WTP is helping William Lear fight his recent conviction for "Willful Failure to File." 

As to actually getting official answers to the Petition questions from the Department of Justice, the transcript from a recent hearing in the Florida trail of Dan Prader may tell us much about the DOJ's preferred venue to "answer" the questions. 

The DOJ is moving to permanently enjoin Prader from speaking publicly, writing anything or selling or distributing any information about the statutes found at IRS code Section 861 (which specifically establishes what sources of income constitute "taxable income".) 

The transcript from a pre-trial hearing documents the on-the-record banter between the federal judge and US attorney Evan Davis.  In the transcript, as Sherry Jackson was completing her testimony, Davis remarks to the Court that former IRS agent Sherry Jackson is associated with the We The People organization.  At first, attorney Davis begins to state that WTP is the organization that "sent --" --- and he momentarily hesitates --- realizing he is making an open reference to the formal Petitions for Redress of Grievances. 

The transcript shows Davis quickly recovers and continues that WTP has "held rallies in Washington, DC" and claims that "the 16th Amendment was never ratified" curtly adding that "people are in jail over making that argument." 

Davis continues, "They (WTP) try to raise 500 questions or so that they claim the government hasn't answered, although they are getting their answer in the due course of litigation, which is the appropriate place for them to hear a response to that."

By his statement, DOJ attorney Davis is clearly implying that the government despises Petitions for Redress and We The People will get our answers, in due course, as we endure civil and criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice, on their turf, before a highly politicized and corrupt judiciary. 

Note: You don't get to be a judge unless you are appointed or designated for the ballot by the same political parties that are responsible for appointing and designating those in the executive and legislative branches that are abusing their taxing and police powers.  Click Here to see the relevant page from the transcript. 

The recent civil prosecutions of Prader, Dave Bosset, Thurston Bell and the recent move to ban Irwin Schiff's book "The Federal Mafia" also raise the chilling specter that in a supposedly free nation, with a bedrock First Amendment protecting free speech, one can be banned from talking publicly or writing about certain parts of US law. 

The First Amendment implications are obvious and staggering.  Even the ACLU has taken notice and last week intervened in Schiff's case. Click here to read the news article from the Las Vegas Journal Review.

The US government, clearly trying to quiet the articulate and compelling voices and research of those that have raised serious questions about the legal authority and unlawful enforcement of the tax, has now stooped to effectively suspend the First Amendment to avoid answering the questions

Incredulously, the DOJ is claiming that analyzing, talking and writing about the laws of this nation is "commercial speech" and therefore, not subject to the protections of the First Amendment. 

It is quite clear by the ferocity, level and nature of DOJ attacks on those that have best expressed and documented the Achilles' heels of the tax fraud that the government's current tax system is currently at real, substantial risk of failing.  

The Truth-in-Taxation movement, no longer an easily managed nuisance, characterized by underground book publishing and poorly researched legal assertions is now organized nationwide, accessible on-line 24/7, and armed with legal research rivaling the best analyses of law ever done on any subject.

The movement, as demonstrated by Rose Lear and We The People, is fully committed to securing justice and exercising our endowed Rights.  The movement grows daily as former IRS agents, attorneys, CPAs, business owners and others of professional caliber join our ranks.  These minds are not easily swayed by the word "frivolous" when confronted with the real details of the law and the fraud. Most damning for the government is the fact that no matter how hard they try to stop it, more and more average Americans learn of this battle and about what the law really says - and doesn't say - each and every day. 

Because it is a fraud, the government continues to pump out propaganda, instill fear in those that dare to speak the truth and prosecute and incarcerate those that dare to stand for the Constitution and the spiritual principles it embodies.

The system is crumbling and the government is plainly attempting to delay the day of reckoning.  Every act and prosecution, each more desperate than the last, in their attempt to silence, contain and control the truth only serves to beg the obvious, "WHY won't they just answer the questions?" 

The fact our elected representatives, our judges and the police agencies of our government would let a woman die in the halls of Congress for want of a few answers, that they would ban a book and move to silence those that speak about the law and continue to knowingly prosecute and incarcerate innocent American citizens under US laws that do not apply them should be a rude wake-up call for this nation.

The true evil our nation faces comes not from dictators in foreign lands.  It has arisen instead domestically, in plain sight, fed by the apathy, ignorance, fear and greed of the American people that have let their Constitution be openly thrashed and their Treasury sold to the highest bidding political and monetary interests without resistance.  

It is clear - we will NOT be getting answers from this government unless, and until, sufficient numbers of We The People come together, pool our resources, talents and energy and work tenaciously to expose the truth and cut off the funding source that finances these continued abuses.  

In the end, the truth will become evident to all and our government, and our nation, will pay the ever growing price for these acts of tyranny. 

As Rose Lear defiantly uttered, "We're NOT going away." 

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