Judicial Misconduct Involved in Conviction of Congressman Traficant-July 2, 2002
Judicial Misconduct Apparently Involved
In Conviction of Rep. James Traficant

Attorney Asks for Our Help

Shortly after Rep. James A. Traficant Jr. (OH) was convicted in federal court in June, attorney Linda Kennedy from Virginia contacted the We The People Foundation with credible documentation suggesting significant due process problems with Traficant’s criminal trial for corruption and tax evasion.

Kennedy is convinced that the federal judge in the case, Judge Leslie Brooks Wells, repeatedly violated the canons of judicial conduct and her oath of office during the trial.

Kennedy has based her assertions on a review and analysis of the court filings, the trial transcript and a number of personal interviews with Rep. Traficant.

For years, Rep. Traficant has been outspoken about the tax system, including publicly claiming the income tax is fraudulent in its origin and illegal in its operation.

Kennedy is calling for citizens to review her findings and, if deemed appropriate, to join others by filing a formal complaint against the judge. She has identified many improprieties committed by the judge.

According to Kennedy, any citizen can initiate a complaint, regardless of their residence. There is no "standing" requirement for the court and there are no filing costs involved.

Attorney Kennedy has asked the WTP organization for assistance. We have agreed to post her appeal. It includes the relevant legal authority that authorize citizens to file complaints against any federal judge and detailed instructions for those that would like to assist in this matter.

Traficant is scheduled for sentencing on July 30th.

  • Click Here to read attorney Kennedy’s appeal and to access her materials.

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