Irwin Schiff's Federal Mafia Book Banned!

March 20,2003

Dear Freedom Lovers and Truth Seekers, 

The Order has yet to be signed at this moment. The Order of Lloyd George will be signed sometime today after the language of the Order is clarified and corrected. After the Order is signed, I will be refrained from giving you any advice on the filing of the zero income tax return.

The next hearing date is April 7, 2003 at 1:30 p.m.. This trial will be about the permanent injunction and the banning of the book, THE FEDERAL MAFIA.

We are going to be Ordered to cover up the portion of our sign reading “Why Pay Income Taxes When NO LAW Says You Have To?”

I am thinking of what slogan we might want to put there, or, if we should indeed use an American Flag to cover that part on both sides.

As for Irwin, Mr. Cohen and myself, we are at a fever pitch in our efforts to win your cases through the working of this case. If you can help to free us up by volunteering to answer the telephones or to do other kinds of chores around Freedom Books, your help will be met with much gratitude.

Meanwhile, the transcripts of your examination and “Due Process” hearings, and affidavits, will be made a part of our record in this case if you will send them to me.

IR Code Section 6081 provides for the filing of extensions of time to file a tax return. People who wish to wait to file until this Temporary Restraining Order is lifted or until a Permanent Injunction is Ordered by the Court, may consider filing an extension. For this is still a matter in dispute and until litigation in the Federal Court is completed, you will not be able to fill out the Form 1040 and sign that it is true and complete under the penalty of perjury.

IR Code 6401(c.) outlines the” rule where no tax liability.”

Those of you on Appeal of an adverse decision from a collection due process hearing will probably want to write to your Court, asking for an extension on time or a stay on Appeal until the United States makes it case in US v. Schiff. No decision has been handed down, and obviously, the US needs a Court ruling on the merits of the case, otherwise, they would not have moved the Court to make a ruling on the matter of what they now suddenly refer to as a tax scam – the zero return. If the DOJ and the US Attorneys need a Court Order in US v. Schiff, then certainly your Court would agree that US v. Schiff will find a definitive answer to the big question of where is the law, and, this will free up all of the other Courts while we all wait and see together.

It is my opinion that the decision of Lloyd George has already been made. But, we will appeal to the 9th Circuit and to the Supreme Court.

Please spread the word to your media contacts that Irwin Schiff’s book, “THE FEDERAL MAFIA: HOW THE GOVERNMENT ILLEGALLY IMPOSES AND UNLAWFULLY COLLECTS INCOME TAXES” is about to be banned by the government.

(We could sell you a book on how to build a bomb, though...if we had any to sell.)

Well now, those of you who have purchased The FEDERAL MAFIA in quantities, are not restrained from selling the book. Only Irwin Schiff’s Freedom Books is restrained. We are also restrained from giving you any advise on the zero return or how to stop paying income taxes.

Anyone who wishes to attend a Seminar in Las Vegas on March 29th and 30th to hear Irwin Schiff speak on The Constitution, The Great Income Tax Hoax, and the Internal Revenue Code, please attend the Las Vegas seminar at The Hotel San Remo Conference Center. And, anyone who can arrange their schedules, please attend the April 7th Hearing on the matter of Permanent Injunction against Irwin Schiff’s books, research and applications having to do with the voluntary nature of the income tax.

Thank you. Cindy Neun (Irwin Schiff's Assistant)

Copyright Family Guardian Fellowship

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