Bank Of America Can Give Your Bank Account Away Without Liability!
Date:  3/17/2002

B of A Can Now Give Your Bank Account Away!

By Claudia Sinclair - Special to the Las Vegas Tribune

Irwin Schiff Will Be Back In Court on Monday, March 18th
Clark County Courthouse
Department 19
3:00 p.m.
Judge Allen Earl presiding.

Irwin Schiff's recent Clark County lawsuit against the Bank of America has caused that Bank to change its "Depositor's Agreement." It now reads that if that Bank mistakenly gives your money to someone else, you won't hold the Bank liable. No, we are not making this up. You will find this new provision on page 2, paragraph 5 of its new "Depositor's Agreement." "Unlike most other banks," said Schiff, "the Bank of America's 'Depositor's Agreement' allows it to turn over your money to 'another person or entity (who) makes a claim against the funds in your account.' even without a court order.

"Most people are unaware of these agreements, including myself, when I opened several accounts in that bank a while ago. The Bank subsequently turned over $8,000 of my money to the IRS, even though they were under no legal obligation to do so. So I sued the Bank for breach of contract and am now seeking $83,000 in damages.

"Despite this provision in its Agreement, I was still able to claim an abuse of desecration and breach of contract. The Bank had no legal obligation to honor a Notice of Levy sent to it by IRS Revenue Officer James F. Gritis. A month after I filled my lawsuit," said Schiff, "the bank substantially rewrote its agreement which now includes an outrageous provision that depositors won't hold the Bank liable even if it wrongfully turns over their money to someone else. How many people with money in that Bank know that they have agreed to such a ridiculous proposition? And the Bank even added a provision that by leaving your money in that bank you have agreed to these new provisions even if you are unaware of them."

Trying to insulate itself against a rash of law suits which would result from Schiff's successful lawsuit against the Bank, the Bank's new agreement also contains provisions that if you do sue the bank, you waive your right to a jury trial and also agree now to join any class action or other lawsuit against the bank. Schiff claimed that he doesn't believe that these new provisions will hold up, and anyone who has had funds turned over to the IRS by that Bank in the last two years could join his lawsuit against the bank.

"In addition," said Schiff, who has written numerous books exposing the federal government's illegal enforcement of the income tax, "Anybody can sue any third party who has turned over your funds to the IRS within the last two years, on the same basis as I have sued the bank of America." For more information on how to sue banks and other third parties who have turned over your money to the IRS, call Schiff, who maintains offices at 444 E. Sahara Avenue.  Las Vegas, Nevada. 702- 385-6920.

Irwin Schiff v. Bank of America will be back in Court on Monday, March 18th at 3:00 p.m.

Clark County District Court: Department 19.  Judge Allen Earl
200 South 3rd Street, Las Vegas, Nevada  89101

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