U.S. Government Denies Under Oath that IRS Is an Agency of the Federal Government

The following images are scanned copies of pleadings (certified by NARA) wherein a United States Attorney and a United States Department of Justice Trial Attorney, Tax Division, deny that Internal Revenue Service is an agency of the United States Government. You can obtain a certified copy of this transcript for $20, as many of our readers have done already, by using the following letter:

United States District Court

5050 W. 4th Street MSC 039

Boise, Idaho 83724


RE: Ordering copy of Court document.


Dear Sirs:


The attached 1 page is the exact first page of the court document I am seeking from the court. I wish to order TWO (2) CERTIFIED copies of the complete 6 page document mailed to my address above. Enclosed is a money order for $20 to cover the cost for coping and certifying the copies.









Enc: $20 money order

Exact court document requesting 2 certified copies.

See specifically page 2 of pleadings, item no. 4.

The allegation by Diversified Metal Products, Inc., Plaintiff, for item number 4 reads,  "Defendant Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is an agency of the United States government which has presented to Plaintiff a lien against monies to which Defendant Steve Morgan, or persumably[sic] Defendant T-Bow Company Trust for him, may be entitled." 



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