Currently, the determination letter is on hold.  Over 80 requests for determination of tax status have been submitted and have only received 7 responses at this time.  All of the IRS responses stated that they can not give a determination of tax status.  

Many requests for the initial Determination of Status Letters have been returned from the IRS with the checks voided.  (See the IRS Determination response letter - Click here to view it).  The Determination Letter is currently being revised so there will be no questions regarding the validity of the Federal Income Tax and other taxes set forth in the code, authority or jurisdiction of the service to enforce the code or collect information, or similar matters as per their letter.  As soon as the revised Determination Letter is complete, we will post it here.  Conclusion: Do not use this Determination Letter unless you want a similar response.

The current request for Determination of Status Letters (Click Here to view it) was submitted on June 22, 2001.  Do not be surprised if this request gets returned as well.  We are of the option that they do not want to give you a determination of your status. REASON: Based on our research, no American is liable for Individual Income Tax.

The Determination Letter - This sample letter asks for the IRS to determine if your status is a Individual Income Tax payer.
A determination letter can also be used for specific transactions or events as well as determination of status.

This request is made pursuant to Public Law (11)-23 as referenced in the Internal Revenue Manual.  However, the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 6110, references public law 100-203 (1987), which "...provides the rules for fees for requests for rulings, determinations, and similar letters."  This law can be found in the references at the end of the code section.

The Determination Letter Instructions - This is a 268 page document (please be patient for it to load).  The first 60 pages will give you all the necessary information to construct the request properly.

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