Transcript of Meeting Regarding
"Abusive Tax Shelter" Accusation


The following is a transcript of a meeting between Larken Rose and the IRS which occurred on 10/18/01, concerning the IRS’ allegation that Mr. Rose was involved in promoting an "abusive tax shelter." The two-letter abbreviations in the transcript correspond to the following individuals:

CR = Chris Roginsky, IRS revenue agent
JB = Jim Beyer, from IRS Chief Counsel
KL = Kathleen Lennon
CJ = Charles Judge, local IRS office manager

LR = Larken Rose (representing himself)
GS = Gordon Smith (acting as a witness for Mr. Rose)
DP = Douglas Posten (acting as a witness for Mr. Rose)
CO = Chad Odhner (acting as a witness for Mr. Rose)

[Comment in black text in brackets below have been added by Mr. Rose, and are not part of the actual transcript.]

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