As U.S. Forces seek to bring democracy to Iraq, the U.S. Government is seeking to eliminate it here. On Wednesday, March 19, 2003, Federal District Court Judge, Lloyd D. George granted the Government's Motion to ban Irwin Schiff from selling and distributing his book The Federal Mafia: How The Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes. The Mafia, first published in 1990, has sold over 75,000 copies and can be found in most libraries, including the UNLV law library. The banning of Schiff's book was based on a hearing in which no Government witness testified under oath or could be cross-examined by Schiff. Schiff noted that Judge George banned the book without even reading it, and apparently saw it for the first time at the hearing.

Schiff characterized the Government's claims, on which the Temporary Restraining Order was based, as a "tissue of lies from start to finish. I really look forward to cross-examining any Government witness that is prepared to testify under oath, at the preliminary hearing, that even one phrase in The Federal Mafia is not legally correct." Judge George banned the book, because it contained specific instruction on how to file Schiff's "zero" return, a type of return that Schiff himself has filed for over 10 years, without legal consequences. Schiff is still open and operating his Las Vegas business, Freedom Books and is free to sell his other books; such as How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Taxes, a 1982 bestseller and The Great Income Tax Hoax published in 1985. Mr. Schiff is the author of several other great books on the economy, inflation, the Federal Reserve, Social Security.  Schiff is in the process of writing his new book entitled The Repeal of the Income Tax: And How a Criminal Judiciary Continues to Enforce It. That book, said Schiff, will attempt to show why and how the current income tax, passed in 1913, was repealed by Congress when it adopted the 1954 Code. It will also reveal the "lunacy of the law, as 'law' is practiced in the
United States," said Schiff.

Besides banning Schiff's book, Judge George's Order even bars Schiff from lecturing on the income tax. As a result, Schiff had to call off his 2-Day Seminar-Workshop which was scheduled to be held at the Hotel San Remo Conference Center on March 29th & 30th. When Schiff's attorney, Noel Spaid of San Diego County, California asked the Government's attorney, Evan Davis, if Schiff "could lecture on the history of the income tax", he responded, "Attorney to attorney, this is too ripe for him." Ms. Spaid told Schiff that this was lawyer talk that meant that Schiff could not give such a lecture without violating Judge George's Order
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