Justice Department Files Complaint Against SAFP

Alleges Fellowship is "Abusive Tax Shelter"

As many are already aware, the Justice Department has filed a frivolous complaint against the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship, alleging that it is an "abusive tax shelter."

The present-day condition of the federal government and the American business community is indicative of an impending financial collapse. General Motors and Ford stock now carry junk-bond status, and foreign investors, whose treasury bond purchases keep our currency afloat, are becoming nervous as our national debt skyrockets at the rate of $1.58 billion per day. So, although their 1993 raid backfired on them badly, apparently the one-world socialists that now control our government can't take the chance of any educational organization operating if that organization can inform bewildered, angry Americans as to what really is happening to them.

Save-A-Patriot has not changed its method of operation since winning against the Department of Justice in court in 1996. (The DOJ appealed that decision, then shortly thereafter asked the court to dismiss its own appeal, with prejudice! The court granted their request and so ordered.) For that matter, we have not changed the way we operate since the Fellowship's inception in 1984.

If the court declared the Fellowship's operation legal in 1996, it must certainly be legal in 2005. If the IRS could not find any criminal activity in 1993 and 1994, while they had all of our computers and paper files, surely they would not find any today. Therefore, the current Department of Justice complaint against the Fellowship can only have one reason behind it, other than to harass, and that is to stop the teaching of the Internal Revenue Code as it is exactly written.

As the case moves forward, we will be providing on this page information and copies of documents filed by both sides. The following items are currently available, in PDF format:

Complete docket
Note: Many of the files contained in the above link are large and may take considerable time to download, especially on slow connections.

  1. Department of Justice Complaint for Injunction (5/13/2005)
  2. John Kotmair's Answer (7/5/2005)
  3. Save-A-Patriot Fellowship's Answer (7/13/2005)
  4. John Kotmair's Amended Answer (8/4/2005)
  5. Save-A-Patriot Fellowship's Amended Answer (8/9/2005)
  6. John Kotmair's First Interogatories (9/19/2005)
  7. Court scheduling order (10/05/2005)
  8. US' 1st set of interrogatories for John Kotmair (10/27/2005)
  9. US' 1st set of interrogatories for Save-A-Patriot Fellowship (10/25/2005)
  10. US' initial disclosures (11/4/2005)
  11. US' response to 1st set of interrogatories (11/4/2005)
  12. US Motion to compel discovery responses (12/30/2005)
  13. John Kotmair's response to US motion to compel (1/14/2006)
  14. SAPF's response to US motion to compel (1/27/2006)
  15. SAPF opposition to motion to compel (1/27/2006)
  16. US Reply to John Kotmair's response to motion to compel (1/30/2006)
  17. US Reply to SAPF's response to motion to compel (2/8/06)
  18. Order on US motion to compel (5/16/2006)


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