What is The Anti-Government Movement Guidebook?

The Anti-Government Movement Guidebook was copyrighted in 1999 by the National Center for State Courts

It was developed under a GOVERNMENT grant. Award No. SJI-96-02B-B-159, titled-

"The Rise of Common Law Courts in the United States: An Examination of the Movement, The Potential Impact on the Judiciary, and How the States Could Respond," 


The grant was made by the State Justice Institute.

As of the date of writing this page (January 8, 2003) the SJI website is prominently displaying a quote from John Ashcroft-

  On November 2, Attorney General Ashcroft submitted the Department of Justice's statutorily- mandated evaluation of SJI's effectiveness to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. The report concluded that:

SJI appears to have been effective in awarding grants to improve the quality of justice in the state courts, facilitating better coordination and information sharing between state and federal courts, and fostering solutions to common problems faced by all courts.

        The Attorney General also observed that "some degree of support for state court innovation and improvement is a Federal interest. . . . given overlapping state-federal jurisdiction, it is in the federal government's interest to have effective and fair state courts, lest litigants turn to federal courts to resolve matters properly within state court responsibilities."

To read or download a copy of the complete report, click here. (PDF size- 4 Megs)

It is interesting to note that presently, the best we can HOPE to do is get our facts ON THE COURT RECORD so we have appealable issues to take to Federal Court- 

Because it is unknown WHAT AMOUNT OF MONEY (if you had it) spent on lawyers it would take to "obtain" a decision to compel the state to obey the law and render justice to the people.

When the state steals YOUR CHILD and adopts him/her out without ever charging you with a crime, or a fair trial of CONSTITUTIONAL DUE PROCESS- would YOU like to have redress?

"I have spent all my life under a Communist regime, and I will tell you that a society without any objective legal scale is a terrible one indeed. But a society with no other scale but the legal one is not quite worthy of man either." -Alexander Solzhenitsyn

"Power is the great evil with which we are contending.  We have divided power between three branches of government and erected checks and balances to prevent abuse of power.  However, where is the check on the power of the judiciary?  If we fail to check the power of the judiciary, I predict that we will eventually live under judicial tyranny." - Patrick Henry 

I am waiting for some Leftjudicial bench-warmer to declare that the Constitution itself is unconstitutional! -Unknown